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WooCommerce is a free plugin for WordPress. It turns your site into a fully functional e-commerce website. The plugin gained popularity because of its simplicity to install and customize the stores. It provides several features like inventory and tax management, secure payments, shipping integration, and more. Businesses looking to build an e-commerce store using WooCommerce development services can avail the following six benefits –

  • Stock Management

WooCommerce enables business-owners to track their inventory and if an item runs out, it is marked as out of stock. It triggers out of stock alerts to ensure that you’re always well-stocked to serve shoppers better. You can enhance it’s stock management capabilities by combining it with other plugins. For instance, TradeGecko’s inventory management system facilitates easy control over inventory, orders, and customers from a central hub.    When combined with other plugins, WooCommerce will enable you to manage your online store more efficiently by-

  1. Supervising different sales channels
  2. Managing suppliers and customers.
  3. Organizing orders and fulfilments
  4. Ensuring stock is up-to-date across the sales channel like Shopee and Etsy
  •  User-Friendly

WooCommerce is a user-friendly tool that provides essential features for customer engagement, detailed order tracking, inventory management, and tax setting. The plugin enables merchants to run their online stores effortlessly and provide customers convenient shopping experience.

  • Flexibility and Extensibility

WooCommerce offers flexibility even for non-technical users. For example, you can sell consumer products, access virtual services, download content, and promote affiliate products. An eCommerce store operator has the freedom to categorize products according to size, brand, price, and other attributes.  As your eCommerce business expands, WooCommerce can scale up with it. It offers multiple APIs to add extensions.

  • Analytics

Analytics is critical for eCommerce businesses enabling them to make well-informed decisions. Unfortunately, not all users are well-versed in analytical statistics. WooCommerce has built an excellent analytical system that clarifies and simplifies website statistics.  Infographics including charts and graphs are used to show users how their business site is performing. These analytical tools enable you to find – sales by date, information about customer statistics, average order totals, and more. If you need help analyzing the data, you can get in touch with an E-commerce development services provider.

  • User-community

WooCommerce is powering approximately 28% of all online stores. Therefore, when you use it, you become part of a large user community. Should you encounter any trouble while operating the store, you can seek assistance from the user community for solutions. The community is made up of seasoned developers and programmers to avail seasoned inputs.  Also, many users have made tutorials explaining the different aspects of using it.

  • Mobile-friendly

mCommerce is a growing trend in online sales, phones, tablets, and phablets are very popular among most shoppers today. Woocommerce is mobile-friendly to deliver a great shopping experience no matter which device shoppers use.


As online business continues to grow, retailers have no shortage of options to set up online stores. Finding an eCommerce solution for your business that is user-friendly, customizable, and trusted by the majority of eCommerce requires careful consideration. WooCommerce checks all the right boxes. It provides everything you need to get your online store woocomerce developmentup and running. It provides an additional set of extensions to scale up the store. Get in touch with our seasoned team to avail WooCommerce development services to set up an online store that generates high-quality traffic. We also provide  custom e-commerce solutions. For more information contact us here.


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