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Skin Disease in Pregnancy

Dermatoses encountered in a pregnant condition

Skin is the largest of all the organs present in the human body. Although its main function is to cover the inner body from the environmental problem, it is also prone to infections and diseases. And it is not an exception in the pregnancy condition also. Very few numbers or expected moms are able to maintain their skin properly and glow in a proper way in their pregnant stage. And the heavy chemical, as well as physical changes in the woman’s body, is evident of many problems like dark spots, stretch marks, varicose vein, linea nigra, spider veins etc. Pregnancy-specific skin diseases involve a set of symptoms which causes the skin to erupt or itch, which appears when a woman is pregnant and after the delivery of the baby. In this article, we intend to explore those dermatoses which are pregnancy specific.

The problems

The common skin disorders in Pregnancy or in post-natal condition encountered by almost every woman is as follows

  • Hyperpigmentation– As the body undergoes huge changes in regard to the physical and also chemical composition, it affects directly in the metabolic system. Hyperpigmentation occurs mainly because of the deposition of the melanin in the body. It is also called as the dark patches. Generally, hyperpigmentation condition resolve as delivery is over. However, for some, it might take a lot of time to resolve.
  • Acne– Acne occurs due to a causative agent called Propionibacterium acnes. And with the pregnant condition, the effect of acne worsen. Acne is also hormonally driven so which increasing hormonal change the condition also gets the boost and it spreads rapidly of the face neck, the back region, chest etc.
  • Stretch Marks– It is one of the most familiar conditions faced by every woman. Although after the delivery it fades out a little bit but never gets resolved completely. The marks are mainly seen in the abdominal region, breasts, thighs etc.

Vein changes like the varicose vein and the spider vein is very much common in this condition which is prominent on the skin. The reason is mainly the abrupt hormonal changes occurring in the pregnant condition.

Problems giving rise to other problems

There is particular skin problem called the Pemphigoid gestationis. This condition often occurs along with a particular autoimmune disease called Grave’s disease. This condition is very much risky and increases the chance of small birth or pre-term birth.


Recently a new technique used by the skin specialist to resolve the problem is the laser treatment. This particular method gave immensely positive results. There are different creams and medicine present also. Medicines for skin disorder during pregnancy are almost the same as that of those used in other conditions with differing doses. And there are also specific medicine pregnancy specific skin disorder.

Importance of Visiting Dermatologists

Many of the common skin problems like the acne, stretch marks, hyperpigmentation etc. are neglected by the moms as they use different cosmetics to heal those. It is suggested to visit the doctors as skin problems are time taking to cure and if a proper medicine is not used then it might bring the worst possible fate.

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