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SinghshreyaMarch 26, 2020225 min

Decorating the kitchen area is very important because it plays a very vital part in enhancing the beauty of the entire home. But you have to be very careful while choosing the material to designing your kitchen since proper maintenance is required in most cases.

Nowadays, people try and bring modulations and varieties while decorating the kitchen area to make it stand out amidst the other rooms. Juxtaposing technology along with traditional materials like marble, quartz or granite has been the new cool in this 2020.

This article will focus on smart ideas for you to redecorate your cooking area with the hotcake designs selling in the market.

  1. Usage of marble-

Marble has been one of the favorite materials to fancy people when it comes to kitchen countertop decorations. Marble undoubtedly brings an elegancy to the entire room. It is a bit costly, but it is worth the money. You need not worry about keeping hot pans or utensils on it and cleaning the countertops at regular intervals with mild soap, and warm water will make it go a long way.

Marble kitchen worktops can be curved into various designs to fit into the space of the room. You can keep it very basic or go for heavy work according to your taste.

  1. Curving designs out of quartz-

Another new trend that has set in the world of kitchen decor is quartz. It has been a steal because of so many perks it is providing. It is not much heavy and is providing almost the same look as granite does. But it is much cheaper than granite.

Also, quartz kitchen worktops are available in multiple designs and in some neutral colors. You can avail of any of the types you feel will fit perfectly in your kitchen. Quartz being one of the hardest rock will provide a solid foundation, and you need not worry about maintaining it.

  1. Cutting of the worktops-

No wonder which material you use for the worktop, you can use various designs to make it look unique and one of a kind. If you use mere plywood or antique wood, you can ask your carpenter to shape it into various geometrical shapes like a square or rectangle and create separate units. You will get both the advantage- the units can be used as storage of multiple pantry products, and it will look incredibly cool in your kitchen base.

  1. The texture of glass-

Lately, many homemakers opt for glass as the material of their countertops. It has its own aura, thus making the place look more beautiful. You can also fit LED lights scattered in the consecutive distance. It gives the entire area an elegant look, and your visitors will be awed by the appearance of your kitchen.

It is always better to arrange the decor according to your own taste or comfort zone and not according to the trend. Kitchen has been the heart of any house and a well-decorated one shall speak highly about your aesthetics.


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