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At present, with the modernization of agricultural business ideas, people of any profession are establishing themselves by doing this business. So if you have a piece of land, you can easily start this business. Let’s look at some lucrative agribusiness lists.

If you have arable land vacant, you can start a farm on it. You can earn money by cultivating crops that are in high demand in your area and or renting land. As profitable as this farm is, the buyer’s confidence in the product produced on the farm is always high. Always keep in touch with kkisan to get more farming concepts.

Tree farm:

Plant business means you can make a profit by planting trees and selling them when they grow up. In this business, it takes a long time for plants to grow but the cost of plants is high. So even if it takes a long time it includes a good agribusiness department. You can also make seedlings by cutting the cuttings of fruits, flowers, or other trees and selling them all year round to make a good profit.

Organic fertilizer production:

Currently vermicomposting and organic fertilizer cultivation is becoming a domestic business. This business can be done with little capital investment, just be aware of its manufacturing process. This organic fertilizer business is also very profitable.

Fertilizer distribution business:

This business can be easily done by people living in small towns or rural areas. In this business, you need to buy fertilized essence from big cities and plan to sell it in rural areas. That means you have to mediate to get the fertilizer to the farmer. This is also a very lucrative business.

Fish farming:

Nowadays the fish farming business has become very popular. So if you want you can start this business by renting your own pond or pond. Moreover, good income can be earned by cultivating and exporting shrimp.

Rice seed business:

Nowadays all areas need paddy seeds so you can easily become a successful trader by trading these seeds as a seasonal business.

Mango cultivation:

By planting a mango tree on a piece of land, you can earn a good income by selling seasonal mango consignments for the rest of your life. There are also mango trees that grow all year round. So mango cultivation business can be one of the most profitable businesses.

Dried flower business:

Over the past few years, the dried flower trade has grown exponentially. If you have vacant land, you can cultivate flowers on it and dry them and sell them in craft stores.

Mushroom cultivation:

The mushroom business is a business that can give you more profit in less time. This can be done at a low cost and in a small space. Nowadays the demand for mushrooms has increased in hotels, restaurants as well as in the general market.


Poultry farming has become a very fast-growing business in the last few years. This is a great field included in the concept of agro-industry.

Hydroponic retail store

The use of hydroponics technology is growing very fast nowadays. It is cultivated without soil. In this business, you can sell the necessary equipment for hydroponic cultivation in one place.

Organic greenhouse

The growth of the organic greenhouse business is also good enough. This is because the demand for products produced by organic methods is now steadily increasing. Earlier this business was done on small family-run farms. But with increasing demand, people are now buying land to build organic greenhouses.


Everyone is aware of the benefits of honey. And nowadays the demand and price of pure honey are both huge. Demand for this specialty has grown significantly as a result of recent corporate scandals. Training is also given in many places for this business.


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