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Parents often want their children to learn English from an early age because they can grasp the concepts faster and retain them longer. Moreover, English is one of the most widely spoken and written languages around the globe.

Besides this, it is a common language of communication in schools, colleges, and corporates. Therefore, parents always want their children to have the best of opportunities. As a result, they sought various methods of teaching the language. 

Fortunately, there are many methods of teaching English to kids. However, a few of them are much more effective than others. These include storytelling, online coaching, playing interactive games, utilizing everyday situations, etc.

5 Effective Ways of Teaching English speaking course for Kids

  • Storytelling

Bedtime storytelling is one of the most popular and effective methods of teaching English to kids from a young age. It is an opportunity to grasp the language while immersing the children in a creative endeavor.

Moreover, storytelling through illustrated books provides a relevant picture related to words, phrases, and actions in young readers’ minds. Therefore, they sought to understand the meaning of the ongoing situation from their parents. 

As a result, children develop curiosity and imbibe the language aspects. Besides this, they even increase their vocabulary by reading the material and improve spoken English by speaking aloud.

  • Online Coaching

Parents have a busy schedule and might not have the capacity of storytelling every day. Online coaching builds a routine for both parents and their children. During the session, the kids indulge in different aspects and methods.

Therefore, they learn faster as compared to learning from parents. Besides this, an experienced professional understands a child’s aptitude, just like a school or college tutor. Moreover, the tutor creates a schedule based on the parents’ convenience and the child’s aptitude.

  • Playing Interactive Games

An easier teaching method to kids is by playing interactive games like flashcards, Pictionary, dumb charades, etc. These focus on improving the overall language skills of the learner. They also help to enhance the creativeness of the children.

Moreover, interactive games help to avoid the boredom associated with learning a new language. Besides this, each game offers many other benefits. For example, Hangman eliminates unwanted letters and helps in word-formation. 

Similarly, Scrabble helps to increase vocabulary and create new words. Likewise, Pictionary and dumb charades harness creativeness, besides drawing skills.

  • Utilizing Everyday Situations

Children learn more by identifying objects. For example, if you go shopping for groceries and speak the name of fruit or vegetable, the child will identify it next time. 

Similarly, if you mention and point out that the blue socks look better than the white ones, they would understand colors. Likewise, parents can explain the vocabulary of different aspects of a dollhouse.

For example, if you tell a child that a doll sleeps on a “bed” just like her, she will relate and understand immediately. Another useful example is taking to a zoo, sanctuary, or garden and showing different animals, birds, insects, bugs, etc.


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