TechnologySteps to set up an Immaculate Online Ordering System for your Restaurant

AdminNovember 4, 2019376 min

Setting up an online ordering system is a creative process. It involves engaging the audience through interactive platforms, engaging e-menus, and facilities such as online table reservation. 

Whether you are a proud owner of a versatile food truck or a high-end, fine-dining restaurant, your customers would love to avail your services online. It is one way they can order their favorite food without any last-minute rush involved.

However, many restaurateurs are afraid of the time, effort, and costs that setting up online ordering for restaurants might involve. Well, if you have the same apprehensions, here is some good news for you. 

 We have broken down the steps involved in setting up an online ordering system to help your restaurant reach new heights.

Step 1: Set Up an Online Ordering Platform

While the online ordering system providers will create the online ordering link for you, you need a well-established platform to promote it. Therefore, you should aim at creating an engaging website and a mobile app before you can indulge in online ordering.

Along with the website and app, your presence on social media can also serve as an incredible platform for the promotion of the online ordering system. Yes! Leading online ordering system developers create a link for you, which can be incorporated in the Facebook page of the restaurant. Now, your users will not have to wander places for discovering the online ordering link.

If you don’t have your own platform and rely on the third-party aggregators for taking orders for you, you will lose out a huge chunk of your profits on commission. Whereas, having a unique ordering link will only require affordable and fixed payments on a monthly, quarterly, or yearly basis.

Step 2: Enrich the Platforms with Real images and Videos 

Now that you have created so many platforms, you can go ahead and upload a virtual experience for your users. Use pictures of the preparations at the restaurant, videos highlighting the ambience, and snippets of food being prepared. All of it will not only make your website and app attractive but also entice your users to visit the elaborate e-menu and place orders.

Step 3: Add-on a Table Reservation System

When planning to integrate online ordering system, it is only fair that you incorporate a table reservation system too. In this way, your customers will be able to book their tables well in advance, saving them the time and possibility of running out of space. 

Now your staff will also know the customers for the day and customize the menu according to their preferences.

Step 4: Embed all platforms

When incorporating an online ordering link in all the platforms, it is only prudent to embed all the platforms, i.e., provide the users access to all platforms through one of them. This will not only ensure a promotion but also help you make sure the information displayed on one platform is in tandem with the others.

Step 5: Adopt Customer Engagement Strategies

To gain advantage out of the incredible customer data analytics provided by the online ordering system providers; you should focus on e-mail marketing, loyalty schemes, and adding chatbots to your website for an interactive experience. 

Finally, there is no end to the activities you can push forward to interact with your customers when setting up an online ordering system. Then again, make sure that your menu-game is at its best first.



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