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Strategies to Crack GRE

When you decide to take GRE test, make sure that you start planning your preparation map. You have to invest all your tactics, energy, intelligence and affectivity in your preparation. If your preparation is firm, your performance on the final day would be effective too.

You can do Gre prep course online, take help of your friends or simply prepare at home too. However, a few points are listed below that would help you design your preparation and performance for GRE.

Quantitative Reasoning

It is a powerful section that can amazingly boost your score. Assuming that you are already familiar with the general concepts of maths, a hundred sixty plus score can be easily attained in this section.   Remember if you have prepared for any types of exams or tests in the past like for MBA or so on; you can easily crack this test if you are concentrated. In case your basics are clear, nobody can stop you from scoring more than one hundred fifty points.

Verbal Reasoning

This segment is somewhat tricky because you have no idea what might be thrown at you in the test.  The enormous amount of GRE words can easily demoralize even the passionate vocab lovers. The strategy or trick for the vocab part is to work on the words in such a manner that they are engraved in your mind.  You can download some applications in your mobile or simply pick some software to work on your memorising power.  There is no need to just mug up the words because it won’t help much.  It would be helpful if you try to find out the roots of the word, find out its popular usage or simply create an innovative image in your mind of it. In this way the probability of retention of difficult words in your mind would be really high. If you work on this section of your test, you can easily get more than one hundred fifty five score.

Take practice tests

Apart from these things, try to take as much Practice tests as you can.  Within the duration of ten days, you must plan to take at least five to six Practice tests. After you take each test, you should analyse your performance and find out where you had made mistakes. Such types of tests and their analysis are the most critical part of your preparation. Hence you should spend a good amount of time on this.

Weak areas and notes

You need to dedicate more time on weak areas.  Make it a point to practice these weak areas regularly so as to have a good hold on these. If you are just concentrating on the strong parts of the test, you might limit your performance. Make sure that you don’t leave any weak areas untouched. Practice and you would conquer it too. And yes, make short notes that encompass important concepts, chapters, formulae or pointers.


Thus, take Gre class’s online, use these discussed strategies in your preparation and you would definitely crack the test with flying colours. All the best and stay confident about your preparation!

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