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Sudden Cardiac Arrest: Causes and Symptoms

Nowadays, almost every human being has been troubled by his life in this fateful life, which we also call stress in common language. The same day, the death of people due to cardiac arrest is also increasing. In earlier times, old people died of heart attack and cardiac arrest. But nowadays both these things have also become the cause of death of young people. If we talk about heart disease, then people are dying more due to both heart attack and cardiac arrest.

What is a cardiac arrest?

Let us tell you that cardiac arrest is a very serious disease, here the word “arrest” means to stop or stabilize the heart rate. In fact, this situation is called cardiac arrest at such a time when a person dies suddenly. In cardiac arrest, the heart of the human heart stops immediately, due to which the darkness starts in front of his eyes and the human heart stops working. But it would be completely different from a heart attack. Many people name cardiac arrest as heart attack.

What is a heart attack

In the event of a heart attack, you have chest tightness, pressure, burning sensation and severe pain. In such a situation, anyone experiences pain in the upper-left areas of the body, including the left shoulder and left arm. The most important thing is the heart attack

The heartbeat does not stop when the heart stops beating in cardiac arrest.

What are the symptoms of cardiac arrest

In cardiac arrest, people die before they reach the hospital. Therefore, it is a more serious disease than heart attack.

A person falls suddenly when a cardiac arrest occurs.

  • Or the person’s face turns gray
  • Or the person feels scared
  • Or the person starts getting restless
  • Or sudden breathlessness
  • Or severe chest pain
  • Or darken the eyes
  • Or dizziness
  • Or suddenly faint
  • Or sudden panic

Heart patients are more likely to have cardiac arrest. The same doctors say that if you have any of these symptoms, then you should immediately consult a doctor.

Why is cardiac arrest dangerous

Cardiac arrest is considered dangerous because in this case the blood circulation of the person’s heart stops completely. In fact, due to the development of ventricular fibrillation in the heart of the person during this time, its effect on the heart beats and this is why cardiac arrest is considered dangerous.

What causes cardiac arrest

It is usually seen that there is an abnormal heartbeat. There are three reasons for this.

Acetol: In this situation, there is no electrical activity in the body of the person.

Ventricular fibrillation: In this case, the person’s heart is unable to pump blood, and the heart stops beating.

Complete heart block: In this condition, the person’s heart does not reach the breath and the heartbeat starts to slow down a lot.

How to avoid cardiac arrest

There is no sure way you can detect this sudden cardiac arrest. You can only reduce the risk of cardiac arrest(cardiologist in Delhi). You should have your body regularly checked up, avoid taking food that harms the heart, and most importantly you should keep your lifestyle healthy.

By the way, let us tell you that for its treatment, cardiopulmonary resistance is given so that the heartbeat of the person can be returned back. The patient is tried to recover his heartbeat again by jerking the defibrillator.

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