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To dictate the law is always the object to be represented and the light must be established based on it. To depict a product, it is necessary first of all to study it: to understand how it is made, what materials it is made of, what details are important, the merits to highlight and any defects to hide or retouch. This operation is essential and takes time no matter if it is a product or Los Angeles real estate photography. Only after having examined it, can we reason about how to depict it:


The choice of lighting is essential to obtain a quality image. Some people prefer to shoot with natural light, but in product photography it is preferable to opt for artificial light that allows better adjustment and above all to reproduce the same lighting conditions with constant intensity, regardless of the time and the weather.

When using artificial light, you can choose between flash light or continuous halogen light, depending on the type of subject, the purpose of the photo and the desired effect. The flash light allows the subject to be locked and therefore is perfect when people are retracted. The continuous halogen, however, is not suitable for people, but it is the right solution if you want, for example, a blur with a moving subject.

It is very important to keep in mind that, in order to take good photos with realistic results then it is always necessary to base oneself on the principles of natural light, also and above all when working with the artificial one.


The choice of the type of lighting depends not only on the subject, but also on the environment in which the shooting takes place. First of all it is necessary to understand if the photo shoot takes place outside or inside the house. In the first case the choice will fall on the flash light, compatible with daylight sunlight or natural light; in the second case, instead, it is possible to choose between flash light or continuous halogen light. (link to the pillar page, if you wish, to the point where we talk about this topic),

In principle, the flash light is more versatile and fits well both indoors and outdoors. But it requires more investment and is more difficult to control because it produces light shots and not continuous light. It is also true that in the studio you can take some precautions to make working with the flash easier, like using the “pilot light” that indicates the direction of the flash.

Many photographers or Best Real Estate Photography especially outdoor often opt for natural light. In this case, however, we must keep in mind that we are very influenced by the time chosen for the shooting or by its duration and by the weather conditions. Pictures shot in poor weather can give a bad impression of your property.


The choice of background is also determined by the subject and affects the lighting. Subject and background must coexist in a harmonious manner, but necessarily with a detachment. The subject, in fact, is always the most important thing and, with a background that is too full or too important would risk being overshadowed. The problem can be solved, if necessary, at a later time (for example by blurring the background), but it is always better to think about it first, studying the composition well in time. Another aspect not to be underestimated: always pay attention to what’s behind the subject and avoid leaving objects in the background that ruin the photo or create ridiculous effects.

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