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Our development team is skilled at building feature-rich SCM applications using open-source platforms like Odoo, Ofbiz, and Opentaps. Our supply chain integration services optimize logistics activities with improved operational efficiency.

At Oodles ERP, we build high-performance supply chain management systems to handle a variety of SCM activities like inventory tracking, product planning, product development, and shipment. Our development team is skilled at building feature-rich SCM applications using open-source platforms like Odoo, Ofbiz, and Opentaps. Our supply chain integration services optimize logistics activities with improved operational efficiency.

Enhance your business potential with our SCM Development Services

We are a supply chain development company that provides integrated SCM solutions to streamline business activities. Our supply chain development services include solution integration and technology recommendation to develop SCM solutions like Electronic Data Interchange (EDI), Inventory Management Systems, Order Management Systems (OMS), and more.

Asset Tracking Solutions

Our Asset Tracking Services enable businesses and organizations to centrally manage their critical assets and business functions. We develop custom asset tracking software to provide seamless tracking experience across mobile and desktop devices. We implement RFID scanners and barcodes in SCM systems to provide businesses better visibility over their goods in real-time.

  • GPS Asset tracking software
  • Barcode asset tracking software
  • RFID Software Development Services

EDI Software Development

Ensuring data security for efficiently exchanging sensitive information across organizations, our EDI development services comply with HIPAA, GDPR, and PCI standards.

  • EDI Software Integration services
  • EDI Software Implementation Services
  • Custom EDI Software Development Services

Material Requirements Planning (MRP) Software Development

Oodles’ MRP software development services enable manufacturing enterprises to automate purchases and track raw materials. We ensure that different needs of manufacturing, materials, and marketing facility inside a changing business environment are met.

  • MRP Software Development services
  • MRP Supply Chain services
  • ERP and MRP System Integration Services

Order Management Software (OMS) Development

Our OMS development services enable businesses to manage their sales, create purchase orders, deliver packages and provide delivery updates.

  • Custom order management software
  • EDI Order Management software
  • Order Processing and Returns software

Shipping and Logistics Software Development

From RFID to the integration with third-party shipping APIs, our custom shipping and logistics software development services overcome complex shipping challenges. We develop high-performance shipping software for our clients that enables them to improve processes and increase return on investments.

  • Shipping Software Development Services
  • Shipping API Integration Services
  • Custom Shipping Software Development services

Mobile Supply Chain Management Development

Our Mobile Supply Chain Application Development services provide on-the-go access to critical information in real-time for all supply chain stakeholders.

  • Appointment management software development
  • Electronic driver logbook software development
  • Mobile app development services for inventory management

Smart Supply Chain Software Development

We combine real-time sensor data, GPS, and RFID information with environmental data for providing intelligence to supply chain stakeholders. Our smart supply chain software development services enable efficient decision-making, by tapping the data collected by IoT devices.

  • Smart Delivery Management
  • Smart Logistics Solutions
  • Intelligent RFID Solutions

Inventory Management Software Development

Oodles is a leading ERP development company. Combine your crucial business processes effectively with our ERP integration and custom software development services. We provide inventory management software development services to achieve operational efficiency. It covers various aspects of inventory management including managing and overseeing the storage of inventory and placing orders. Our services ensure stock syncing, visibility, and quantity adjustments with precision detail.

  • Inventory Management Software Integration
  • Customized Inventory Management Services
  • Cloud-based inventory management


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