Education and TrainingTaking Care Of LOLER Compliance Needs

AdminAugust 29, 2019395 min

If your company make use of lifting equipment or mobile elevated work platforms you would already know that you are governed by LOLER Regulations. These regulations are applicable for all companies that make use of such access equipment regardless of whether or not they own such equipment. You could be leasing such equipment or hiring such equipment as per the needs but as long as you are making use of any lifting equipment and mobile elevated work platforms you need to comply with the regulations.

Non-compliance with LOLER regulations can attract huge fines and liability issues. Not only that, non-compliance in these matters will put your employees under huge safety risks. One of the most important requirements of LOLER Regulations is that your equipment is regularly examined and certified for its suitability for use for the purpose intended. These examinations should be performed by qualified and competent person who is licensed to do so without fear or favour. In other words the person who is inspecting the equipment should be able to produce objective examination reports. Most companies hire LOLER inspection experts to take care of these regulatory requirements. This approach has number of benefits, firstly you need not have to worry about retaining a full time LOLER inspector to take care of your in-house needs as this could prove to be a highly cost wise ineffective move. Instead you could either hire a LOLER inspection company for one off inspections or sign a contract with them for your ongoing requirements. This will prove to be one of the most hassle free ways to take care of the LOLER inspection needs instead of having your own in-house team. However, you could give LOLER inspection training to the operators or supervisors so that they are fully qualified and competent to operate the equipment whilst the inspections and certification is given by third party inspection companies.

When you are selecting your LOLER compliance services you need to make sure that the company you are selecting is in the first place a certified agency. Not everyone can provide you the inspection services and issue safety certificates. Only authorised companies will be able to issue you annual LOLER compliance certificates after thorough examination of the equipment. You need to therefore exercise great care in selecting the right company to take care of your needs. There are many agencies in Scotland that offer these compliance services but not all of them are equally reliable. Find a company that comes with vast experience in this field and a company that is committed to offering the best services.

Once you have the right inspection service to take care of your needs all your future compliance needs also could be met in the most hassle free way. You better take your time to screen and review your LOLER examination agencies so that you spot the most trustworthy companies. You are responsible for your LOLER compliance and not your LOLER examination agency. Therefore you better make the right choices.


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