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Being one of the administrations that was included in the underlying foundation of Multi-purpose and having aggregated a long and profoundly esteemed understanding in the course of recent years, our sanctioning division is completely prepared to give a full contracting arrangement that is commended by their ability, information and pledge to our customers. 

The consistently developing group implies that we are continually progressing ready to give added support and further inclusion to all your needs Tanker Charter Party. The immediate access to dealers, charterers and proprietors gave by our critical customer base and business connections, implies that we are consistently in the situation of sourcing the best chances while giving us a remarkable understanding and a capacity to completely manage business matters and the best strategy whenever. 

Our different gathering is separated into expert groups giving spread and center to explicit markets and wares and takes into consideration direct portrayal of our chiefs’ selective needs. Simultaneously, our phenomenal co-activity with various broking houses over the globe implies that we are in every case very much educated on all developments and necessities and are in a situation to rapidly and effectively react to your requirements by giving significant arrangements. 

Tanker Contracting 

Multi-purpose Tanker contracting work area is dynamic in the raw petroleum, oil based commodities (perfect and grimy), and particular item showcases by giving proficient sanctioning and post-installation administrations to its chiefs. 

Our administrations envelop contracting of all tanker vessel sizes in the spot advertise just as organizing period sanctions, COAs and uncovered pontoon contracts. 

Our group of youthful and experienced intermediaries has developed a broad system and notoriety in all sections of action, while developed a solid client arrangement of Charterers, Proprietors and Administrators, which is continually being reinforced. 

Particular items work area 

Our work area represents considerable authority in the transportation of fluid items, for example, vegetable oils , palm oils , bio-powers, molasses and synthetic concoctions. Such scope of particular items requires modern compound vessels and inside and out information available that our group tailors. We plan to help our customers with esteem included administrations accentuating point by point showcase understanding and post-apparatus help. 


Our spotless oil based commodities work area serves to give proficient answers for its customers. Clean items incorporate naphtha, stream fuel, gas and diesel/gas oil. Our exceptionally taught and concentrated group serves Proprietors and Charterers for committed item transporters that boat clean oil based commodities. The filthy oil based commodities work area, has some expertise in the unrefined and fuel oil transportation covering a wide scope of vessel sizes from little tankers to VLCCs. 

The two work areas handle spot sanctioning just as COAs, time contracts and bareboat sanctioning. 

Dry freight contracting 

Multi-purpose works in every size-portion from Handysize up to Capesize mass transporters and gives a high worth including help coming from our cozy associations with charterers and brokers situated in the Far East . Harbour Towage Our contracting group represents considerable authority in COAs just as all other period businesses and offers a total help from sanction party dealings up to post fixing. 

Multi-purpose values managing solid charterers, shipowners and different accomplices in the dry load part. In the present testing and really worldwide business condition, we endeavor to limit counterparty hazard to the advantage of our customer base.


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