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Technological Innovation does not have deep roots but it does have a very effective output.

Technology and Innovation are correlated terms. Technology innovation can give out many amazing results. Technology itself brings innovation in every aspect of our life. Who thought that there will be a day when friends and family members living thousands of kilometers away would be able to see each other’s faces daily?

Technology has witnessed so much gradation and innovation that it has now become a matter of a few days to send gifts to our dear ones. All thanks go to the innovators and founders who used the maximum part of their brain to come up with many amazing ideas. Technology is not just using mobile phones or computers, it has taken over many things that were once considered either impossible or were too difficult to execute.

Benefits to Industries

The best way to explain this point would be with examples. Consider a factory that produces rice or other crops. Earlier, the manpower required to harvest crops like rice was huge. From harvesting the yield to storing it, the efforts and time these things too were beyond anyone’s control. But look at the way technology has made these tasks easier.

Not just in farming, Technology has proven to be successful for all the Industries and business. Even if we take an example of an accounting firm, earlier everything had to enter manually in the books. Ledgers, Journals, and Financial Records were activities that consumed so much time. But with technological advancement and innovation, many software and tools have been created that have eased the work.

Benefits to Small Businesses

From a small street vendor to a retailer selling different products in his shop, Technology has successfully played its role in making everyone’s business achieve heights. Some tools and machines have been created to help all kinds of businesses. The most amazing part of these tools is that they are cost-effective and consumes very less time.

Benefits to Customers

Technology has not just made it easier for businesses to expand in the market but has also helped consumers in many ways. A customer these days is Rational, i.e., he will not select the product just by its price; he will also look for the quality. The tastes and preferences of customers do not remain the same. With the change in preferences, the companies also have to change the way of doing business.

With many websites and applications, a customer can now select the best and most suitable products among thousands of options kept in front of him. Even if you want to Buy Rakhi Online or buy a car, everything has become so crystal clear that a customer would never get confused. Various websites have various filter options. These filter options let customers filter out all the irrelevant products from the list of available products.

This way, technology not just saves your day but also lets you invest in the best options among a thousand others.

5G and Artificial Intelligence

5G or 5th Generation is the next step in the technological advancement of Mobile Networks. 5G comes after 1G, 2G, 3G, and 4G. It a new and the most advanced leap towards the wireless world that we have always dreamt of. Through 5G, the companies want to connect all the tools, machines, and software through wireless data transfer.

5G is the best example of technology innovation. If you use a mobile phone and the Internet provided by your network provider, you would have experienced a speed in MB or GB. 5G aims at increasing this speed where huge loads of data can be transferred from one device to another in a matter of seconds.

On the other hand, AI or Artificial Intelligence is another example of technological innovation. As the name suggests, Artificial Intelligence is programmed software where a machine working on the AI mechanism can give results and solutions without any human intervention.

The best example of AI is a Robot. Various countries and private institutes are working day and night on making Robots that can perform tasks without any human intervention. Many have succeeded and many are still trying to improve.

Technology Gives Life to Festivals

It does not matter what festival it is, all you want to do is spend some quality time with family and friends. There are times when our dear ones are staying far away from us or have to go somewhere on that particular day. These things are enough to ruin our day.

But technology has given life to festivals. Celebrating festivals virtually is the new normal of this pandemic. You can now easily celebrate all the festivals by making a video call to your relatives and spending the entire day playing games virtually.

However, if you are expecting the same fun element, then you would have to compromise a bit. There is a huge difference between celebrating in person and by virtual means. But what remains unchanged is your emotion and your feeling for the person.

Let us take an example of how technology has made it possible to celebrate festive with family members living far away. The festival of Rakhi is known for the deep bonding between brothers and sisters. It is that festival when both sister and brother express their gratitude and love towards each other by gifting them presents.

But there are times when your siblings are living far away from you. That is not just an emotional time but also stressful for any. All you want is your brother or sister sitting beside you and celebrating the festival with you. But, Technology has made it possible, at least virtually. All you need is the internet and a mobile or laptop. You will have your sibling sitting in front of you in a matter of seconds.

As we all know, Rakhi is incomplete without gifts and presents. Hence, Technology has made it possible for you to send presents to your siblings those who are living even thousands of kilometers away. Sending a rakhi with sweets or a beautiful pendant to your sibling, everything and anything is possible these days through the innovation in Technology.

However, there are many drawbacks of Technology and its innovation. Many argue that more innovation in technology might lead to unemployment. But, the advantages of Technology have overtaken its disadvantages and that’s the reason every company spends thousand crore in Technological Advancement.


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