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The Surrey/Berkshire line is a heathland hotbed and home to a significant number of the UK’s Best golf simulator. Truth be told, look through most rankings, and you’ll discover more ‘top 100’ golf courses in Surrey than some other English province. Sunningdale beat most records as, notwithstanding having a Berkshire postal location, it’s subsidiary to the Surrey Golf Association. 


We’re passing by postcode here, which gives us additional space for error to incorporate a couple of other excellent Surrey tracks – which are all definitely worth playing when you’re in the Home Areas region. 

1. St George’s Slope (red and blue) 

This Harry Yearling exemplary opened for play in 1913, and many believe its entrancing plan to be his most prominent work. Yearling fans will see the value in the many brand name dugouts that are regularly misleading on the eye, particularly when lined by wraps of flawless heather. What’s more, with the eminent pines that line the undulating fairways, this is as near heathland flawlessness as you can get. 


Guests are educated to pass on a lot with respect to time prior to jump starting to partake in the view from the clubhouse – it whets the craving more than most. At the point when you get moving, you will not play a solitary ‘feeble’ opening. 


Thinking back and you’ll battle to choose a top pick, albeit the standard 3s are genuinely superb. The short eighth may very well edge it, however, moving golfers to play across a valley, over-top heather and sand. 

2. Wentworth (West) 

In the past Wentworth facilitated three expert competitions consistently, thus why so many golf fans have such affectionate recollections of this Foal treasure. A significant number of us grew up watching any semblance of Seve, Bernhard Langer, and Scratch Faldo contend here in the Suntory World Match Play Title. 


Presently, the West Course is home to the PGA Title, the European Visit’s lead occasion – accordingly, guests can anticipate a harsh test. 


Throughout the long term, it’s gone through a few changes, and these haven’t all been generally welcomed. Indeed, in spite of various multi-million-pound adjustments, the course has fairly tumbled from favor. 


All things being equal, it’s as yet an exceptionally uncommon spot, and when you clear down the restricted streets into the extravagant Wentworth bequest, you know you’re in for a treat. 

3. Walton Heath (Old) 

It’s been going on for a long time since this exemplary heathland opened for play with a match between the greats Taylor, Vardon, and Interlace. 

Since 1904, Walton Heath has had numerous other renowned individuals on its books, including Winston Churchill and cricketer W.G Elegance, and a few lofty occasions have just raised its status. Just as the Old Course facilitated 23 World Match Play Titles, it’s here where a ritzy US side destroyed GB&I 18½ – 9½. It’s been a long time since that Ryder Cup, and today Walton Heath stages US Open qualifying. 


This brilliant course requests exact ball striking and a specialist’s touch around the greens, which Eddie Pepperell showed on the way to winning the English Bosses here in 2018. 

Relatively few individuals will play Queenwood – it’s held for a fairly little participation. 

Indeed, in case you were adequately fortunate to play here, you’d probably end up hobnobbing with big names, hot shots, and Visit players – every one of whom no question utilized its a-list practice offices. This restrictive club opened for play 20 years prior. David McLay-Kidd planned the course, and, apparently, it’s somewhat uncommon. 


The arrival regions are generally liberal, and the enormous greens are faultless – albeit much can be said to describe the whole course. Queenwood is the meaning of ‘mogul’s golf’, and on the off chance that you at any point find the opportunity to play it – perhaps Hugh Award will welcome you – then, at that point you should seize the possibility. 

5. Hankley Normal 

Arranged on a Site of Unique Logical Interest, this diamond is an absolute necessity visit assuming you need to say you’ve played Surrey’s Best Home golf simulator. Then, at that point, in the mid 1930s, Yearling made further changes. Enhancements proceed right up ’til the present time, despite the fact that it’s elusive an issue in this course. 


The fairways are fixed with heather, birches, oaks, and pines, and the putting surfaces are smooth and valid. In the interim, the free-depleting turf gives Hankley a specific connection like feel. In case you’re ravenous, you could contend that there’s room on this superb real estate parcel for another 18, yet how about we simply be appreciative for this gigantic plan. 

6. Walton Heath (New) 


James Twist was the club player at Walton Heath from 1904 to 1950, and it’s a spot that had an extraordinary spot in the Scot’s heart. 


You’ll perceive any reason why when you tee up here – it’s overflowing with character. Both the Old and New courses are entwined, and they brag a significant number of similar characteristics. Nonetheless, according to many, the last course edges this is a result of the somewhat sterner test it gives. 


After a delicate beginning, the New turns out to be logically seriously testing, and in truth, neither one of the courses could be considered direct. 


The heather is ever-present and components some scary standard 4s, including the fifth, which must be portrayed as a bit of an animal. 

7. Worplesdon 

Worplesdon is another exemplary heathland that might be eclipsed by a couple of others on the renowned ‘Surrey Sandbelt’. All things considered, anybody in this piece of the world will reveal to you how great it is – and bounty more golfers who have gone from further abroad. 


This course has been made significantly more grounded throughout the last decade, as well. One critical plan change has been the finished remodel of its 80 fortifications, which has restored huge heather regions, just as dugout lines and seepage. 

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