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akanshaverma255February 28, 2020176 min

For the fashionista who love to add the delicate charm to the tresses to not just fix hair but add the class to the overall look, this post is for you. Read to know about the must-have trending hair styling accessories available online in India that have made a comeback with a bang.

Just like the way one needs the right outfit and apt makeup for the top-notch look, a right kind of hair updo needs a makeover too. For the same, hair styling accessories online in India offers a plethora of options that can be considered for the beauty of hair look. Some of the hair accessories that have made a comeback from the ‘90s are hair clips, barrettes, scrunchies, hairbands and more. These accessories not just help to fix the hair at one place; they can add that charm and eliteness to the overall look. Online beauty stores like and others offers these at a reasonable range, and one can consider adding the below-mentioned trending accessories:

1. Hair Claw Clip:

This claw clip is a magical accessory as it can be used for different styling of the hair. To achieve a simple look, one can add glam to the strands by tying the whole hair, and for that romantic look, half-tie hair with the embellished clip work wonders. Mr Barber croc clip is similar in a fashion that is used by salon during styling of the hairstyle, and the same is available on this beauty store online.

2. Hairpins:

The styling with decorative bobby pins and pearl-studded hairpins is back. Available in different shapes, they are ideal for every kind of event. Be it a romantic date, a classic dinner event, a birthday party, a casual day with friends or a relative’s wedding; they can be used to style the strands with a fragile look.

3. Headband:

Headband or hair scarves are not just meant to add to the winter outfits. They are available as a great hairstyling accessories online in India that is adaptable in its looks and style. It combines the right amount of cuteness and luxury to the tresses on different occasions.

4. Scrunchies:

A great hair styling post is incomplete without great scrunchies. They are very adorned hair accessory and has been in fashion for ages. Whether it is early morning meetings or a rush to the wedding party, they help keep the hair intact in one place by adding the right party accessory charm to the strands.

5. Jewelled Hair Slides:

Jewelled hair slides in bobby style fashion are one solution for every kind of hairstyling requirements. One can jazz up the everyday style with these delicate look royal sliders. For a touch of everyday sparkle or to style it to enhance the low bun look for a wedding, it fits in all.

6. No crease clips:

Similar to bobby pins, these were never famous earlier like they have been now. They were only the part of the styling process in salons, parlours or backstage known as carbon clips. To keep the hair loose but in style, to tighten the loose bun with a fix or to do a free half-hair tie, these work just perfect.

If you are someone who loves to add that delicate charm or classiness to the strands, the above mentioned hair styling tools or items is a must-have in your accessory box. Get these and eliminate the worry of fixing strands beautifully on any occasion.


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