General Information and NewsThe Difference between All-Terrain Wheels vs all Season wheels for your Vehicle

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The most important component on a vehicle is the wheels. With them, the engine and transmission can best perform. Sports Utility Vehicle (SUV) capabilities are appreciated and best enjoyed in the off-road conditions.  The vehicles are designed to use the four-wheel-drive mode to easily maneuver and have better traction on all road conditions. All season tires are designed to give you traction on tarmac surfaces in hot, cold, and raining conditions. The tires work perfectly on smaller passenger vehicles. If you are buying a car consider the type of use and your expectations. The condition of the car is not of paramount importance as long as all the safety features are in place brand new or used Kia Sorento. Consider road conditions you normally drive around when buying a tire set. In this post, we distinguish the difference between all-terrain wheels and all-season wheels.

All-terrain wheels

When embarking on an adventurous journey in deep forests or on the desert, you must ensure that the car is in a good condition. These locations can be so remote that if you have a minor breakdown problem, it would take hours if not days to get assistance. You need the right tire set that will allow you to go through sharp rocks and objects on the trail without tearing or puncturing. They have a thick grip to give the car better traction on slopes and rocky ascends. To get a better grip they can be deflated with the same pressure like 20 psi.

All-season wheels

If you have a smaller car or you have an SUV but do not need to take it off-road to prove your driving skills. All-season tires are for regular tarmac users. They have a smooth running surface, and finer thread lining; all this allows you to enjoy a smooth and quiet ride on the roads. You also get to keep fuel consumption levels lower. All season tires give you better traction during wintertime as throughout other seasons, they also give you better on-road handling dynamics.

Closing up

You need ease in commuting from point A to B. The performance of your car does not matter new or used Kia Sorento, as long as the wheels, engine, and transmission is in good condition. Consider the type of car you buy like for town life and off-roading and how often you use the vehicle between the two determines the tires you must buy. It is best that you consult vehicle experts when buying a car on the one that suits your needs and environment.


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