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bhanugargJune 7, 2021276 min

Making an impression is not a choice, it’s an inevitability” 

– Allison K

Executive Presence has been a crucial part of impactful leadership. However, most of the interpretations of Executive Presence Coach define it as combination of appearance and influential communication. While appearance and communication hold a significant percentage of Executive Presence, it is incomplete without gravitas.

Gravitas is how leaders conduct themselves, inspire creativity and influence growth. Unlike a movie-star charm, gravitas is the corporate charisma. Leaders need to develop the ability to connect, engage and inspire. However, all three elements of executive presence – appearance, communication and behaviour are based on one common factor – CREDIBILITY or TRUST.

While most leaders today understand the importance of executive presence, one of the biggest pieces they miss is constantly evolving it. As Winston Churchill says, “To improve is to change; to be perfect is to change often.”. Hence, Executive Presence also requires to be updated from time to time.

Coach Samira Gupta shares 3 skills to evolve your Executive Presence with the changing times:

Deeper self-awareness: Most of us who have experienced an executive presence training or coaching have already gone through the process of self-awareness. The question is – how many of us have been constantly engaged in this exercise? According to Coach Samira, self-awareness is aligning your mind, body & soul. Because when one synchronises their inner and outer self they perform their best. The alignment of the mind, body and soul creates harmony between the inner self and the outer environment. 

Positive self- transformation: Like a new software update that takes place on a gadget, leaders also need to update themselves with the changing times. For example, the Covid situation has demanded leaders to be more empathetic and supportive towards their workforce, work from home entails it’s share of challenges, significant transitions have taken place in the past few months etc. Hence, executive presence is always a work in progress.

Increased Emotional Intelligence: As a leader, it is an individual’s prime responsibility to conduct oneself gracefully at all times. Empathy and conscious emotional intelligence are two skills that will never be out-dated. From developing integrity, credibility to increased boardroom presence, will be determined by how emotionally mature a leader is.     

Lastly, hire a coach! If you aspire to build a remarkable executive presence, you must have someone who facilitates the growth in the right direction. A strong executive presence can accelerate performance of the leaders, enhance communication with internal and external stakeholders, build depth, increase boardroom presence and create a strong personal brand. Not only as an individual, will executive presence help you get the role you deserve but as an organization, help you function better, facilitating more revenue. 

 About the author

Samira Gupta is a Life Coach, Consultant, Speaker and Author, with over 22 years of experience in the corporate world and over 7 years in corporate training, executive presence coaching and image consulting. She aims to bring about a 360° transformation in her client’s lives.



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