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Units for indoor mini storage have some of the best known security arrangements these days. They have state-of-the-art surveillance and security facilities to guard the contents of the units from burglars and other trouble makers. Also, they have excellent climate-controlling arrangements to keep several temperature-sensitive items safe.

The modern trend is to provide recreational and leisure facilities on the premises of the warehouse building. The modern store unit complexes provide essential comfort facilities like toilets, coffee or soft drink vending machines, and telephone booths. The idea is to make the storehouses more accessible to families so that they treat the store unit as a natural extension of their homes.

The rental store units first began to capture the public imagination in 1970s. Even at that time, a majority of the store houses stored the items indoors. Most of the outdoor store locations catered to needs of boat owners or other vehicle owners. Boats and vehicles require a large store space. Storing them inside a store unit is practically difficult.

So, if the weather is not hazardous, storing large cars or boats outside poses no real danger. Mobile store units, which are large lorry containers converted into store locations, are another example of outdoor rental warehouses. Almost all the other types of store locations are indoor store units.

However, in the modern sense of the term, storage units Tacoma does not include all the store locations where things are stored inside a room. Typically, this term refers to those storehouse complexes where a number of sophisticated store units of various sizes and features are housed. These complexes for indoor mini storage can be multi-storied buildings or single storied buildings.

If it is a multi-storied building, there will be elevators placed at the entry points so that the customer can take the items to the upper floors without much effort. There will be store units of sizes ranging from 10 feet X 10 feet to 20 feet X 20 feet. Also, the modern small warehouse complexes will have spacious corridors between rows of store units. This allows for easy transportation of goods to and from the store units. The corridors will also be well-lit to provide adequate security for the customers.

The Security Features

The most distinctive features of these units are the advanced security features installed in these units. Almost all such warehouses have done away with the practice of providing a lock and key to the customer. Instead, they have an automated password-protected entry system. The customer has to remember the password and key it on the keypad. Some store houses provide magnetic cards that can be swiped at the entry point to gain entry.

Most of the storing businesses also employ security personnel to conduct a photo identification of the customer. This means that even if you accidentally lose your password, your store unit will still be safe. All these security arrangements are controlled by custom-developed software packages. Other security features of the modern store houses include electronic surveillance such as closed circuit televisions and cameras at the corridors and the entry points to individual store units.

These store units also have climate-controlled features. If you want to keep wine or some other drinks or food items, the store houses need to have temperature-controlling facilities. Most contemporary small ware house units are equipped with multi-featured temperature-controlling options.


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