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Worried about robots taking over the business space? If you are flustered about losing your job due to technology, why not make it your best friend?

This article has been written with the intention of having a discussion over how automation is affecting the sphere of careers. It is no news that AI is the future of work. As a matter of fact, this is the latest hot topic that everybody seems to be talking about all around the world. Also, many people say that automation is not the future, but it’s the present.

There has been a lot of debates on how AI is going to take our jobs. And, it is natural to troubled thinking about that. But, there is another side to it that many fail to see. Advancement in technology is also a reason for the production of various highly skilled jobs. As I mentioned before, rather than perceiving robots as your enemy, why not treat them as buddies.

Jobs in AI

Artificial Intelligence is a growing field and making a switch into this area of work can be a lucrative career move to make at this time. But, that could raise a question of how to enhance your skills to enter the field of Artificial Intelligence and automation?

The foremost thing which you have to understand is the disparate layers of skills and expertise within the vast subject of AI. According to Gernon, the managing director at Atrovate, an Artificial Intelligence lab based out of London, explains that there is an amalgamation of multiple roles across the AI sphere. The main professionals with high laboriousness are perhaps the data architects, machine & deep learning engineers along with software engineers.

He also adds that beyond these essential roles, positions that are next in line are your specialist research engineers as well as people with specialized skills in computer vision, speech, and language.

And, when asked that out of this wide range of work profiles in the AI industry, which one will be the highest in demand in the coming future, Gernon answered – All of them.

Presently, professionals working as data engineers and software engineers are the most suitable breed of worker to up skill and hop on the pathway that will take them to a successful career in Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence by establishing themselves as machine learning engineers.

Artificial Intelligence is going to rules over the business sphere, so it is time to gear up ourselves and learn about this ingenious branch of knowledge. In the future, you will find AI-powered tools and devices everywhere. And, it is only wise to gain knowledge of the next generation machinery through Artificial Intelligence Certifications. Having a profound understanding of deep-learning is a prime necessity in the tech world.

Opportunity is knocking at the doors of AI Professional

 AI devices are pervading businesses at a lightning fast speed. Every entrepreneur realizes that to instill more efficacy into their systems, they need to embrace Artificial Intelligence and machine learning. But, unfortunately, there are not enough AI professionals in the job market.

As a result of this shortage in supply, Companies are carving to acquire people holding Artificial Intelligence Certification who can handle high-degree projects in this sector. New technology will lead to a plethora of changes in how business is done but, there will always be a need for people to handle that technology, hence, the requirement for AI professionals is only going skywards.


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