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PMP certifications are quite famous across the industries. These certifications are available for project managers in the entire world. Besides, these certifications are considered essential for any project manager to enhance their expertise in handling projects and accomplishing the objects with the given time frame and budget.

The courses available for this certification helps the individuals to learn more about the best practices in detail. It also enables these applicants to have a clear idea regarding the implementation of these practices as well.

PMP Certification Course Importance

The PMP certification course is considered important since it assists individuals in learning additional knowledge and skills in this field. These courses contain all the details regarding the exam, which are important for an individual to know before taking it up. Few of the benefits one can receive from the PMP certification courses are as follows:

  • Showcase Commitment: The courses available for PMP certification helps one to demonstrate their determination and commitment towards their profession. It assists you in proving your value and expertise in this particular field. This is a major reason for getting preferred by the recruiters over the non-certified ones.
  • Enhances Skill level: The PMP certification courses normally help the students to hone their skills along with acquiring additional skills. It enables them to improve their practical knowledge in this field. Having these essential skills are necessary to develop your career further in this field.
  • Covers all Concepts: These courses are known to cover the topics of the PMP exam that are extremely vital. The students also get an opportunity to take up multiple mock exams to analyze their level of preparation, along with their weaknesses in certain areas. Thus, it helps the students know if they are adequately prepared to take up the exam or not.
  • Career Advancement: Since these courses increase your opportunities at cracking the exam your first time. It helps you to guarantee growth in your career by assisting you in learning all the vital knowledge and skills of this field.
  • Increase in Income: There are countless certified individuals that receive a boost in salary up to 20% as compared to the uncertified individuals.
  • Acknowledgment: Since these courses are known to be rigorously completing these helps an individual to prove their knowledge and competency level. Thus, you will receive an acknowledgment within your organization.

What should a PMP certify professional must know?

The individuals that have completely filled up the application process along with the exam processes must be fluent in several PMP certification courses, including challenges, concepts, and the project terminology since the project managers are required to communicate regularly with the team members, stakeholders, and also the clients. Therefore, project managers must have effective communication skills.

Application Prerequisite

The individuals wanting to take up the certification exam in order to crack it efficiently and obtain all the benefits related to it. There are several requirements that must be fulfilled by the individuals to acquire this certification:


  • 4-years degree
  • Training in project management for around 35 hours
  • Accumulate experience in guiding and leading projects for around 7,500 hours.

In order to start the application procedure, the candidates require to log in to the official site of PMI and submit the necessary personal information as needed. There is a separate application price for the individuals with PMI membership and for the one without the membership. However, the membership normally minimizes the expense significantly. You can also get all the essential information regarding the requirements and the costs on the official web page of PMI.

PMP Exam Preparation

Many individuals interested in cracking the PMP exam normally spend weeks and months thoroughly prepare for it. They also take time to guarantee that they have gone through all the crucial topics of the syllabus. The exam is mostly separated into five sections, which include project implementation, planning, controlling and monitoring initiation, and closing. Presently, there are 200 MCQs provided in the exam, which are based on numerous subjects such as conflict resolution and ethics issues.

Certification Validation

The experts that are successful at cracking the exam and obtain their certifications have to gather a certain amount of PDUs. These PDUs are needed to keep the certification active for every three years. Since this certification is not considered a permanent one. You are needed to collect around 60 PDUs each year, so you must have around 120 PDUs in three years to successfully keep the certification active. There are numerous ways through which PDUs can be earned, including full-time project management roles, public speaking, articles for publications, and so on.


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