Fashion and LifestyleThe Must-Have Types Of Bags For Men

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Men bags are one of the main accessories whose presence tells you a lot about a man’s sense of style. Having enough knowledge about men bags to style them well with all your outfits is the true mark of a fashionista. For someone who’s recently getting into bags or is already a hardcore lover, Kompanero has the perfect collection. Go through this extensive range of all the essential bags that you need to stock up your wardrobe with. Every bag tells a different story about your personality, so here are a few types of must-have men bags that might strike your fancy:

  • Portfolio Bag: Portfolio bags are often used to carry papers, portfolios or other items. They come with a wide shoulder strap along with a short handle, so you can use them two ways. This is a great feature as it allows the bag to be fully versatile, so you can use it at formal as well as informal events. These bags are designed to be sleek and stylish in a way that adds to your appeal.
  • Laptop Bag: As the name suggests, this bag is used to carry your laptop and other electronic accessories easily. These have a very symmetrical, clean look to them, with a chain right at the front to make it extremely hassle-free. You can use this to carry almost anything. The inside space of a laptop bag is pretty spacious, with a few extra pockets for your phone and other tiny essentials.
  • Sling Bag: Sling bags are definitely as comfortable and casual as they come. However, no one’s ever said casual couldn’t be fashionable, and Kompanero’s sling bags are here to prove it. The medium-sized, long adjustable strap makes them very convenient to carry even for long amounts of time. This is perfect for casual outings or even college students.
  • Messenger Bag: A messenger bag is a type of satchel that has a long shoulder strap typically worn across the chest. These are a major part of the fashion accessories industry as they have a very neat finish, but they also serve a very practical purpose. They have multiple small pockets that you can store your things in with larger areas to carry bulkier items with ease.

All of these men bags and more rank high in terms of functionality but also add a certain level of style to the wearer. Carry your essentials in style with the wide range of men bags available by Kompanero.

These bags are made from extremely high-quality leather that is very durable, so once you’ve invested in one of these, they will last you a long time. Leather is one material that never goes out of style, so you never have to worry about coming off on the wrong side of trends with these. You can easily flaunt your style with these men bags for as long as you want. Select your favourites from a collection of the best neutral colours that will blend in with all your outfits, and get this shopping spree started, already!


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