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Sangita RastogiJuly 4, 2020487 min

Nothing can better complete your look except a fragrance that has a complex note of distinction to your style. While you might be knowing Ralph Lauren brand best for clothing, what you might miss out is their lines of designer colognes.

Ralph Lauren’s Polo collection is a set of complex, yet subtle colognes meant for the sophisticated men, who like to wear timeless fragrances for different occasions. For decades, Ralph Lauren has had classic aromas varying in scents from light citrusy to heavy musk and suede.

Ralph Lauren produces fragrances for both men and women, but Polo scents are specifically designed to personify masculinity. The colognes offer distinctive and eminent scents for the modern man, the avid outdoorsman, and the one who is a business professional.

They are more than just a brand. Ralph Lauren is synonymous with elegance, sophistication, and culture. Most fragrances for men are Eau de Toilette sprays, which give out a bold aroma. Polo scents have a great sillage and last longer than many other colognes in the market.

If you have plans to redefine your designer wardrobe with a new scent, take an opportunity to consider these best smelling Polo Ralph Lauren men’s colognes.

  • Polo Blue by Ralph Lauren: This cologne has a fresh, clean, and invigorating scent, made for springs and summer. The primary notes give out scents of basil, melon, verbena, and washed suede with undertones of amber, emitting an aquatic scent that falls under the fresh family of the fragrance wheel. The cologne has a sophisticated yet subtle aroma that produces a soothing scent.
  • Polo by Ralph Lauren: This is the original classic scent of the Polo. Introduced in the market in 1978, this is one of the most popular and the best-selling scents in Ralph Lauren collection. The fragrance is known to have stood the test of time and establish a ground for other Polo colognes. The EDT Cologne from the woody family has oriental undertones, with elaborate notes of wood, leather, basil, tobacco, and oakmoss.
  • Big Pony 3 by Ralph Lauren: Yet another most popular cologne among men, this iconic fragrance collection is characterized by notes of fresh mint leaves and ginger that give the cologne a fresh and woody fragrance. The tints of ginger oils will keep you energized, while mint is a perfect stimulation for the senses to improve mood. This EDT has a brisk aroma that lasts for two to three hours. While wearing this, rehearse yourself well to gather compliments and be in the center.
  • Polo Black by Ralph Lauren: Polo Black falls in the luxury line of colognes that was introduced by the famous Pierre Negrin, in the year 2005. The sophisticated and bold fragrance blended with silver armoise, iced mango, Spanish sage, and patchouli noir makes for a unique and modern cologne that lasts for quite a good time. The cologne has woody fragrances, with subtle citrusy notes that give this EDT it’s fresh, clean scent! 
  • Polo Sport by Ralph Lauren: Polo Sport is Ralph Lauren’s segment of fragrances meant for professional athletes and other active men. The EDT spray launched in 1994 is a brainchild of the master perfumer, Henry Fremont. The cologne has sporty, warm, and fresh scents, with citrusy and aquatic notes. The cologne falls under the fresh family on the fragrance wheel as it contains top floral notes from lavender and heart notes from geranium that last for long hours after application.

Finding a new and best cologne is never an easy task. Use this as a guide to your knowledge about Ralph Lauren’s colognes and make an educated decision the next time you enter a high-end department store to buy a cologne!

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