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Dark Templar Rush – Protoss (Starcraft 2)
The Dark Templar rush is an efficient strategy within the lower Bronze, and Silver leagues and many people are not prepared for the tactic. Once you start reaching the larger leagues like the Gold and Diamond leagues, you need to adapt the tactics as to what your attacker does since they will probably be watching out for any dark templar rush.
A Dark Templar Rush is effective in the 1V1, and 2V2 games especially as your friend can draw your opponent away from their base, allowing you to slip your dark templars in and destroy their base.
A small overview of the Dark Templar:
The Dark Templar is different for the reason that it really is permanently cloaked – Unless your attacker has some kind of detection system, they will not have the ability to see your Dark Templars, and thus obviously will not be able to target them either. Most races detection systems such as the Terran Scanner Sweep are very high within the tech tree, so the answer to the rush tactic is to find your Dark Templars before the opponent can research their detection systems.
To accomplish this, you need to adhere to a set build order. Firstly you will have to reach 9 availability of Probes before building your first Pylon. If you are going contrary to the Terran race, you are able to build this pylon just beyond their base as Terrans take a long time to get their first units. For the Protoss and Zerg, you must build you Pylon inside of your own base. Once completed, you build another 3 probes, then make a Gateway.
Make sure you are while using the Chrono Boost feature to speed up the production of your Probes. This gives which you significantly speed advantage at building units, and will allow you to tech up quicker than your attacker. Once your first Gateway is fully gone you need to start building a Cybernetics Core, plus start researching the Warp Gate technology.
Now what happens next always depends upon what sort of race you might be playing against. If you happen to be against the Protoss, you should prioritize developing a Dark Shrine as soon as possible, however up against the Terrans, you will need to make sure that you are constructing a warp prism so that it is possible to send your units right to your opponents base. Once completed and your Dark Templars are made, you need to turn the gateways from your farm into Warp Gates, and initiate warping within your Dark Templars to the enemies base. If things are all going to plan here, you will see that have not been spotted by the opponent, as well as your Dark Templars can move freely around your opponents base. Make sure you might be attacking the worker units first simply because this will cripple your opponents economy, and when they start building any kind of detector unit, ensure you target it and destroy it immediately. While this is taking place, you need to be warping in numerous Dark Templar units as you are able to to keep your forces strong.
You should realize that very soon your assailant will either concede the match, or you’ll have destroyed the full of his base, winning you the match. The Dark Knights Templar Group Rush is a very strong strategy, then one that you definitely need to learn if you happen to be while using Protoss race.