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Let’s just first clear the concept of two pilgrimages in Islam and their significant difference. There are two types of Holy pilgrimages in Islam, Hajj and Umrah, the major difference between these both are the norms and the traditional steps which are followed while performing them as they both are performed on the holy land of Saudi Arabia. For Hajj you have to wait for the specific month of Zil-Hajj so that you can perform it but for Umrah, Muslims can travel any time of the year regarding the availability and their own convenience as well. Hajj is included in the pillars of Islam but Umrah is a virtue which is noted as extraordinary gratitude of a Muslim towards religion.

But very few people know that there is a different psychoanalytical approach which is intervened and found in the Muslims when they perform these both pilgrimages. Let’s discuss the sheer psychology which surrounds Muslims when they perform Hajj and Umrah, which makes them exposed to more gratitude and humble approach in their regular life with routine as well.

The Patience of Bearing Crowd

When we talk about the crowd and the hassle, Hajj is the time of year when the biggest crowd of the world gathers in one singular country and state and place where they eat life and perform the religious prayers and obligation side by side of one another. This is the time where even for viewing a small cave everyone is gathered together and that time the patience which is gifted to Muslims is the best gift by Allah. All those people who used to feel difficult breathing in a small crowd get the energy and patience to take the huge crowd and this psychological aspect is called the love and urge of getting the acceptance of their virtue and good deeds from Allah Almighty. Same in the case when people perform Umrah in Ramadan there is hot weather and a huge crowd as everyone tries to spend Ramadan in Mecca and Medina but still people while fasting are in the urge of completing as many prayers as they can.

Positive Attitude

The positive attitude towards other Muslims is seen in the event of Hajj and Umrah, if anyone from the crowd is left behind everyone tries to take care of and if someone is not able to keep us due to age or any other physical issue there are many people who offer them their services to perform Hajj or Umrah and this way they help each other and this positive attitude is not seen generally but when it comes to these both pilgrimages people show immense love and dedication towards their fellows which are gathered from different parts of world.

Ignoring The Racism

No matter what you say or suggest when we see the gather of Hajj we find that there no discrimination between white and black. Everyone is following their own footsteps towards the pilgrimage completion regardless of the view that the person who is next to them in Arabic, British, Asian or African. This is the quick reply to the cultural rituals as well that there is no difference between humans in front of Allah. This is the reason why people eat and in fact stay in the same hotels as well without taking care of things that the people staying in the next room are from upper class or not! This is what Islam has taught us over centuries that those who have tolerance and know that there an only reason on being earth is to follow the guidelines by Allah which includes serving and loving humanity will get the higher rank in front of Allah and it does not matter what their cast and creed is!

Regularity in Salah

The other most important thing is the regularity in Salah while performing Umrah especially you get to perform so much Salah and prayers on different spots and time that you get habitual of performing Salah regularly and accurately. This one thing is developed in the Muslims when they properly follow the laws and regulations by Allah. This significant thing makes every trouble from them easy and that is what Muslims think and then due to the mind-set which is developed during the holy pilgrimage sustains the habit of offering Salah on time. Almost all Muslims after returning from Umrah and Hajj are found regularly in their prayers with more punctuality.

Love of Religion

Another Thing which is developed in the mentality of Muslims when they perform Hajj and Umrah they only grow close to their religion and themselves. This one thing could be seen that the mind-set development is very important and then the practise all the Salah and the sacrifice which is done in Hajj specifically makes Muslims more font of viewing the love of Allah and the miracles very closely. Most of the females who don’t wear abaya of hijab before Hajj or Umrah start covering their head those people who don’t use to offer Salah properly in proper decorum starts offering It in a proper way and according to the instructions given to Muslims.

There are many people who have seen their lives change after coming back from the holy pilgrimages. These pilgrimages are specifically designed to improve the Psychoanalytical approach of Muslims towards their ethnic. This is the reason why every single Muslim who beliefs in Allah and loves Prophet Muhammad PBUH has the desire of visiting the holy city of Mecca and Medina. The reason is that being close to Allah and religion doesn’t no0t only have the positive impact on the lives of Muslims but also increase their potential and belief in themselves and their Lord Allah Almighty. This is the reason why every year millions of Muslims travel for Hajj and Umrah and make their prayers more significant in front of Allah.


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