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Bidet, pronounced as “bee-day”, isn’t exactly the most common toilet accessory, but there’s a good chance you have seen or used it before.

A bidet is, usually, a flexible, metal tube with many segments that looks like a hose, attached to a specific holder near the toilet bowl. It has a spraying nozzle that users should press in order to wreak havoc to hard-to-clean spaces in your bathroom by spraying high-pressure water and to utilize it for personal hygiene purposes. 

It’s a versatile tool that has a lot of awesome uses. In this piece, you will find out about its multifunctionality together with several advantages that make the bidet a must-have for homes and accommodation too! 

  1. You can directly use it for potty washing instead of a dipper which requires more effort and movement when using it. With a bidet, you can just point it to the desired direction, and the water will clean that part thoroughly, directly aiming according to your choice. It’s also much more hygienic than just using toilet paper when nature calls you when you’re in a public place or in a hotel for instance.


  1. This is great for people with arthritis and back problems who can’t really reach and clean their back body parts well and easily. It’s a great help for caregivers who help their patients with their potty washing; it somehow makes their workload more bearable in that way too.


  1. Bidets are also great for cleaning your bathroom’s hard-to-reach spaces. A little corner of your bathroom has some unwanted dirty and smelly debris, but it’s too cornered to completely clean? You can just spray the problem away using a bidet. You can also use it for spraying on bits of feces that are stuck on the sides of the toilet bowl to clean them. Not to mention, the high-pressure release of water ascertains to be of help to you in eliminating tightly stuck elements on bowls, floors, walls and other bathroom zones.


  1. Bidets can also reduce clogging, unlike when you’re using toilet paper, which sometimes tempts users to recklessly throw them into the bowl. Not only that, but bidets are also more eco-friendly than using toilet paper, even if you try to reduce it’s usage. 




Overall, the bidet has many purposes, and one thing’s for certain, it is definitely useful. Let your custom home builders know that you want one installed to your bathroom, so they can help you have it just the way you want and need it! 



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