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The whole of the clothing industry is dependent on various fabrics. Different fabrics are used to make different clothing of various age groups. When it comes to our children we become more anxious about fabric. It is quite obvious that the life of any fabric depends upon the care of the individual. Various guidelines are provided by the manufacturers on how to wash this particular fabric. Lycra rib fabric is one of the fabric that requires the individual to follow all the specifications given by the manufacturers regarding washing and maintenance. The basic guideline given on this particular fabric is that this fabric should not be washed in hot water because the spandex that is present in the fabric are very sensitive and can cause uneven garment shape.

There are many manufactures available in the market that are into the business of manufacturing fabrics for kid’s clothing. But still, there are some of the factors that are to be considered while choosing fabric for kids clothing let’s have a look at them.

  • Type of fabric: It is generally taken into consideration that the fabric of kids should not include synthetic fibers in it. Synthetic fibers have a high level of chemical content in them which can cause allergies to the body of kids as kid’s skin is super sensitive. It is better to go with 100% natural fabrics like cotton, wool, silk, etc. if you are buying cloth fabric for toddlers, it will be best to go with organically grown natural fabric.
  • The weave of fabric: Another important point of consideration, the weave of the fabric can be seen when you hold the fabric against the light. You will see how tightly or loosely the fabric is weaved. If your child likes to be superman or superwoman, then loosely woven fabric will not withstand the rough usage. So it is better to go with tightly weaved fabric.
  • Resistance to fading: It is but obvious that children’s clothes are washed more frequently. So you need to choose a fabric that withstands with the rough usage but still does not fade. Go with fabric that has base color and printing color the same because if both these colors will be different, there will be more chances of getting fade.
  • Wrinkle-free: Children’s clothes are small in size, so it is not possible to iron their clothes. So it is better to go with the wrinkle-free fabric. To check the fabric is wrinkle-free or not, take the fabric in a hand squeeze it, if it leaves wrinkles that means it is not wrinkle-free so avoid it. 
  • Comfortable: The most important thing that should always be taken into consideration is that the fabric should be very soft and comfortable. Even special and party wear outfits should also be comfortable as the normal wears are.

These are basic things that are to consider every time you buy fabric for kids. There are many rib fabric wholesale India that deal in all the types of fabric including fabrics for children.


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