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Braun’s technological advances in electric powered shave structures have developed over the years. All of their shave systems use advanced foil technology, and the Braun series 7-790cc Pulsonic Shaver is their best promoting product, triumphing the men’s health “fine Shave tool 2009” award. when thinking about electric shavers, three things come to thoughts: closeness, comfort and value. right here are 3 reasons to buy Braun Series 7 Replacement Head Pulsonic.


  1. electric Shavers vs. ordinary Razors: Many men stick with the ordinary, wet razor shave for plenty motives. perhaps they feel like the electric shavers are too expensive, or they don’t locate them to be as powerful as a wet shave. Braun evolved their electric powered shaver the use of foil technology. Braun collection 1 and 3 contain clever Foil™ that’s a completely unique pattern to capture more hair with each stroke. Braun upgraded their series five and seven to an OptiFoil pattern with ergonomically sized holes for an excellent nearer reduce. Foil shavers cut side to side as opposed to rotary shavers that have to be used in a round motion that could take greater time, irritate skin and be much less effective. Braun provides many options for clients who want a shave this is as close as you could get without a ordinary razor and shaving cream. Their triple movement reducing device and oscillating middle trimmer for cutting flat-mendacity hair gives near, long-lasting consequences. Braun series 7 Shavers have delivered personalized modes for men with touchy skin. avoid razor burns and bumps, ingrown hairs and cuts you get with a moist shave razor.


  1. convenience: A regular, moist razor and shaving cream creates a multitude which can be time eating. similarly, guys who’re looking for a specific shave or trim might have hassle seeing via all of that shaving cream. VolgoPoint Braun Pulsonic gives you the choice of a close, dry, mess-free shave. Braun Shavers seize the hair so there may be much less mess. Use the extendable long-hair trimmer for additional beard preservation. The shaver cleans itself with the smooth & Renew™ gadget, blanketed with the series 3, 5 and 7 shavers. The gadget cleans, lubricates and expenses your shaver, retaining it hygienic and sharp to your subsequent use.


three. cost: Many guys turn away from electric powered shavers because of charge. a mean field of moist shave razor cartridges can run $15 or more a month. Cutter blocks for rotary shavers typically must be changed each six months. Braun recommends changing the foil and cutter block on Braun Pulsonic Shavers each 18 months providing you with longer use with out the hassle of purchasing so often. converting the foil and cutter frequently instantly renews the performance of the shaver to one hundred%.


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