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There is no need to mention the importance of attic insulation in your home or residential building. As everyone knows, insulation keeps your home energy-efficient by maintaining it cool during the summer and warm in winters. However, many building owners underestimate the efficiency of attic insulation and neglect it as a result. Many homes and commercial buildings have already had old attic insulation that is not sufficient anymore. In this case, you should think about adding up some insulation material to your old one or consider getting old insulation removal services. A group of professionals who specialize in insulation removal in Toronto state that many homes and buildings insulations require to be removed if we want to decrease the whole world’s energy consumption. 


How to Know if Your Attic Needs Old Insulation Removal? 


It is worth knowing that old insulation removal is not always necessary for your home attic. You may be able to add some insulation material to the old one and increase your attic insulation quality and density. Insulation removal is almost a time-consuming, tiring and expensive process. So, it is better to stay away from old insulation removal as much as possible. To fully understand if your attic requires insulation removal, it is better to consult an expert regarding this matter.


When Does Your Home Need Old Insulation Removal?


Several factors can prove that your attic insulation needs to be removed prior to installing new insulation. Undoubtedly, factors such as fire, mold, moisture, and rodents make your insulation damaged. When your old insulation gets damaged, it is time to consider old insulation removal.

 You may live in a city with humid weather, and your insulation gets exposed to a lot of moisture. A high level of humidity is what mold needs to grow. It is better to consider immediate insulation removal before it leads to severe damage to the building. You cannot add new insulation to the old one when it is moldy since molds will spread to the other parts, even to your new insulation, and you have only wasted your time and money.


In addition to the molds, rodents existing in your attic insulation will leave dropping and messes. In this case, your old insulation needs to be removed and replaced too. The insulation removal process is typically conducted with some high-powered vacuums to remove the particles, dust, and old insulation materials. With these vacuums, you or any other person don’t need to enter the area while old insulation removing.


How to Add a New Insulation on Top of the Old One? 


If your old insulation is not significantly damaged, you can install your new insulation over it. When you want to add your new insulation to the previous one, you can apply loose-fill, batts, or rolled insulation. There is nothing wrong with adding insulation materials to the previous ones if it is not damaged. Besides, adding up insulation materials rather than old insulation removal and replacement can increase the R-Value, decrease your home energy consumption and save up more money.


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