Education and TrainingTips for Improving Spoken English for Housewives

AdminApril 15, 20211236 min

Spoken English has become an important aspect in the social circles of housewives, especially in India. The requirement is rising with a keen interest in new hobbies, kitty parties, social gatherings, and children’s schools.

However, housewives find it challenging to learn the new aspect of the ever-growing English language due to their rigorous schedule. Fortunately, a few tips can help to accomplish this task. Some of them include:

  • Focus on Phrases

Increasing vocabulary can become a tedious task. However, learning phrases can make this task easier and even help understand the correct usage of a word in different sentences. Moreover, there are five major forms of phrases: noun, verb, adjective, adverb, and preposition.

Besides these, there are also conjoining and nesting phrases. Therefore, while learning these phrases, you will also clear a few other concepts. Moreover, using phrases regularly would help you communicate better during outings and meetings.

Some of the most commonly used phrases include “I really appreciate…, thanks so much, excuse me, I’m sorry, and I’m learning English”.

  • Pay Attention to Fluenc

Grammar is a vital part of the English language; however, fluency is a much more significant aspect for spoken English learners. Moreover, concentrating on grammar often diminishes the self-confidence of a person.

The best approach to improve fluency is by speaking consistently without stammering or stopping. The ideal practice should involve personal introductions under different circumstances. 

The instances could include meeting a superior, colleague, friend, family member, relative, group outing, public speaking, hosting, etc. Include the mirror while practicing an introduction to view your expression while giving an introduction. Record and listen to improve negative aspects.

  • Read Aloud

The best practice for improving all aspects of spoken English is by reading aloud. Housewives should find a topic of interest from a magazine, journal, newspaper, book, etc. But we would advise using academic material for faster enhancements.

Reading academic material would also enhance spoken English to the university level standards. Therefore, it will help to avoid written and verbal errors during communication. Moreover, the housewife would often come across new words and pronunciations.

Therefore, housewives can enhance their vocabulary while improving their spoken English skills. Additionally, reading out would help in understanding the importance of stressed sounds. So, the reader will improvise in this area too.

  • Enroll in an Online Course

Finding a learning partner can become challenging, especially for housewives. However, taking spoken english classes for housewives will help to resolve this issue. Moreover, an experienced trainer understands the current proficiency of the learner.

Besides this, experienced tutors create customized learning schedules based on the learner’s knowledge level. Additionally, taking online spoken English classes relieve the continuous burden of travelling to a center.

Therefore, it helps to save time and attend scheduled lessons. The learner can even clear doubts during every session, enhance vocabulary, and stick to a routine. Besides this, the certification from a reputed institute opens doors to new job opportunities. It also improves the chances of scoring high in competitive English exams.



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