Top 10 tips to enter a locked door of car or home

Forgetfulness is the common norm these days. We are the generation with a lot on a plate that we start missing little things. Locking yourself out of the car or house is one of them. Imagine, you got out of the car to take a break and forgot to get the keys along and now you are in the middle of your journey feeling helpless. In another scenario, you might forget the home keys and lock yourself out. Most of the time people either forget or they lose the keys. 

So, the first instinct is to get the locksmith who can make a spare key for home or unlock the car in Antioch, CA. However, if you are somewhere in the middle of the road, the locksmith may not be the only option. Therefore, you got to give it a try by yourself. We are in love with the tips we gathered from the expert locksmiths. The little tricks that you can use can be a great help while you are just finding out the right way out of a certain situation. 

So, ready to know the secret tips? 

Well, not all of them are secret, but for you, if you are still connected with us. 

Things to do for unlocking the door

One thing that we forget to advise you about is to keep the spare key. Do it every time you are leaving the house. If you are getting out of the car, you should have a spare key in your pocket. This can save you from a lot of trouble. Now, leave the worries and know about the possible tricks to unlock the door without the key. 


  • Shoestring method 


Are you wearing shoes? Get one of the laces off, tie a small loop of lace while putting it around the locking mechanism, tight the loop and pull the string up. It works best and if you doing it the first time, you will need to try it more than one time. 


  • Use a hanger 


If you are a person who may have a hanger in the car, you have the best tool to unlock your car. Untwist the hanger and enter the hook inside the window stripping, jiggle around to find the lock mechanism and pull the string. 


  • Using a plastic strap 


Take the plastic strap and bend it into the locked car through the crack of the door. You can also use plastic wedges. 


  • A bumpy key method for house door


If your home has the pin locking system, the bumpy is specially designed for it. They are commonly used for the same type of locks in the home. So, if you have one, this can be easily used. 


  • Paper clips


Do you have a mischief kid? If you have one even in the family, learn this trick from him. They are usually aware of methods of unlocking any door simply using the paper clips. You just need to turn them into a lock pick.


  • Butter knife 


Find some tutorials on YouTube and learn to use a butter knife for opening the door. This may take a little practice, but you can make it a quick effort. We all have phones, you searching the method on YouTube is not a bigger problem. 


  • Bobby pins


Are you a fan of action movies especially the ones with female heroes? They usually have this trick and if you can see closely, the trick works. Take the bobby pin and all you have to do is to enter it into the lock and move it. You can use the same method of paper clips to open the lock. 


  • Credit Card method 


So, you wonder why some people keep their credit cards even after the expiration date. They do it because they have a habit of forgetting house keys. A credit card is their savior in such a situation. Just wedge the card into the gap between lock and door, then bend it away from the knob. Magic, right? 


  • Call the police or local help


You can find people around you and ask them for help. There are some with hidden skills and ready to help you with any kind of issues. So, keep an eye on a local. Or if you fail in this, call the emergency and police to help you with the problem. The police can always be the best option for any matter. It is also safe many times. 


  • Contact the nearby locksmith


Ultimately, you have one best solution and that is to contact the nearby locksmith. We hope you have your phone with an internet connection. Just search for the locksmith near me and you can get the list of top locksmiths and ask them immediately if they can reach you on time or not. 

If you are thinking that the article is also teaching frauds. Then, it is your ethical responsibility. These methods are only for quick action, one can take when they forget the keys and have no spares too. They need to act fast as they may not have time to panic or even to make a call to a locksmith.


You don’t have to stress out for your habit of forgetting things, meanwhile, you are working on it. Just do one thing and that is to keep all the methods of unlocking a door of house or car in mind. Also, keep all the possible tools with you. In this case, you can be prepared for such things. Next is to save the contact details of locksmith in Antioch and keep the details of their availability. So, you can reach them anytime and you are no more in the trouble. 


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