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After creating a website, the most challenging part is to promote a website. For a website owner, it is possible to see every trouble passing through the nose. As one wrapped in day-to-day work on the niche, he is not seeing the entire cool, out of the box methods for promotion.

Here are top 10 ways that can really prove to be helpful in promoting a website.

#1 Search Engine Optimization

SEO is a process by which one can increase the visibility of a website in search engine organic results through optimizing the page with the relevant keyword phrases that people most likely search. Some famous ways to increase organic search result are through editing the existing content, removing barriers for search engines, increasing the inbound linking and the backlinking.

Initially, SEO appears to be a time-consuming process but after spending quality time on it, it will help gain more traffic as well as increase engagements on a website. If a person does not optimize a website for a search engine, it might take several months to increase engagements.

#2 Blogging OR Guest Blogging

By dedicating, some time to create free, original content for your own website can help bring more visitors and set your website away from competition.  Moreover, if you do write for other blogs in your niche it will be more helpful in gaining traffic that is more precise. By adding backlink of your site on a guest, the post will generate visitors to your website in large amount.

#3 Pay per Click (PPC)

One can use pay per click internet advertisement to get more traffic to a website. Simply you have to pay a fixed price for every click your ad gets in the search engine and your goal is to convert the user to see the advertisement to return the investment.

The focus is to get the conversion to best ROI possible. Choose a keyword phrase and the google search engine will help you get your ad in front of your target marketing.

#4 Retargeting

By retargeting ads, work and tracking cookie on each of the visitor’s computer will help you to get back those visitors who left without conversion. It is the most important tactic to promote a website. One should simply have to track the interest of the visitor so that whenever visitor leaves without conversion they will start seeing those ads repeatedly. That will retarget them to some extent.

#5 Facebook Ads

Facebook ads, is yet another way to promote your website. More than millions of people are actively using Facebook every day. It is not only popular in teenagers but all type of demographics use Facebook every day. Therefore, it is the best opportunity for the brands to start ad campaigns on Facebook, as there are more chances to get the precise audience through Facebook.

#6 YouTube

Another social media platform to promote your website is by using YouTube. As it is a platform for promoting your content in the form of videos, these videos will get more traffic on their own. Although not every video gets millions of million view, to drive traffic. Instead, focus on CTA (call to action) which tells the visitors where to go. This will be a helpful way to generate traffic to a website.

#7 Email marketing

Email marketing is one the best way to promote a website. As it serves as a great tool for those people who engage multiple times before buying. The key is to give people a compelling reason to join and provide them the unique content so that they will not UN-subscribe. By showing them what they missed encourage them to join your website on regular basis.

#8 Build a Connection with Fans and Followers

Making a strong relationship with your existing followers or the fans and offering them, unique services can also help in generating more traffic. Ask your existing followers; to share their reviews about your products and services and re-share repeatedly can help generate more traffic to a website. One can also take part in commenting on blogs by placing links in comments can also generate more traffic.

#9 Social Media

Another great way to promote websites s social media. Just like email, marketing social media helps in communicating with the potential audience. Give a strong reason to the visitor to like or join on Facebook and Twitter and by providing the best content make them stay on your site and let them spend more time on your website.

#10 PR

Press Release (PR) can also be helpful in driving more traffic to your website. By building public relation strategies one can register itself as an expert in relevant niche and can make credibility. This will help in increasing conversion rate and can increase brand awareness in the audience of relevant interest.


The detailed description of all the steps in this article ends up concluding that for promoting a website for marketing one must follow some unique and prominent tactics. This is the only way to promote your website and to gain more traffic with huge engagements. There is no other way to promote a website unless one must follow some useful tactics.


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