Top 10 Widgets For Flutter Application Development

Hello Everyone! Today we are going to discuss the top 10 Widgets in Flutter for Flutter app developers. We are not taking into account Row, Column, Container, Text as we are going to look into other Widgets that we use daily inFlutter app development services. This tutorial will help beginners in Flutter application development and other Flutter app developers in general. Let’s get started!


Safe Area

Safe Area Widget comes into the picture when we can’t use the AppBar. Then the superview widget will cover all the areas of the Mobile Phone view including the status bar area. to overcomes this situation we use the Safe Area Widget. Wrap the Scaffold Widget into Safe Area Widget. Safe Area widget tells your layout which is a safe area to render the layout on the mobile phone view.



In Flutter app development, we know to display the two or more buttons in a row and column is the most common task. Similarly, when UI layout renders on different mobile screens then we face the Mobile screen width issue to display the two to more buttons in the same row and column. To overcome this situation we used the Wrap widget which wraps its child based on the screen width. Wrap widget also has the property direction which is used for the display of the Wrap widget elements in a horizontal and vertical direction.



Wen we need to format our text in the Flutter Mobile Application development then we use the RichText widget, for example, we need to set the Text end character with different colors and sizes from the rest of the text characters then we use the RichText Widget to do this task. we can do it by taking two different Text in the same row and column but it is not a good way to do it.



ClipRect Widget used to round the corner of the image and another Flutter widget by setting the ClipRRect widget property border-radius based on the requirement. we can also use this widget to make the Flutter widget into a circular shape.



MediaQuery is a nice tool given by the Flutter SDK to tell the in-depth details likes the size, brightness, the orientation of the device in which the app is running. Based on these details we can change the UI layout orientation to give a nice look and feel to the user.



Let’s have an app that loads the data from the internet so this process takes time to get connected with the internet and take the data, process the data then display the data on the device. so we need some sort of technique to show the circular loader on the screen to show the user that data is begin loaded and when the data is there and when to have ready to go then display that data to a user. So you need to manage this process, this is exactly FutureBuilder helps us with.



Flexible is another widget given by Flutter SDK to make the app more responsive. when we need to give the height of any widget some percent of the height of another widget then we used the Flexible widget. The flexible widget provides a property called flex to achieve this.


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When we need to give fixed height and width any Flutter SDK widget then we use the SizedBox widget by setting the SizedBox height and width property.



Align property helps us to align the single widget into its parent widget. suppose we have an only single container widget on the screen and we need to align a widget into the bottom right corner. So we wrap the widget into Align and give it to the alignment bottomRight.



when we need to set the space around the Flutter SDK widget then we use the Padding widget to give the left, right, top, bottom space of its child widget. we can set all-sided space and only one or two side spaces of the widget based on the requirement that we have.


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