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Every business wants to deploy such technologies in their working that could allow them to meet their goals effectively and efficiently. Not disappointing to these expectations of different sector of businesses, technology has developed continuously in the past few years. We all have noticed how improved and updated technologies have incorporated in the working of a business or organisation or even NGO. Anywhere you see, you notice a better version of it in comparison of it with the last decade. Sales force automation is a software program that is very useful for multiple sectors be it education, finance, healthcare and so on, it has a major role to play and give benefits to these sectors and organisations.

What is Sales force Automation?

Sales force automation is an integrated application of CRM i.e. customer relationship management, that could be used as  customised tools that automate sales inventory, leads, forecasting, performance and analysis. It includes web-based, in-house systems also known as sales force management systems.
In more technical words, definition of sales force Automation would be –

” Sales force Automation software is programming that allows a system to automatically streamline the collection, analysis and distribution of data in a sales pipeline. “

What does sales force Automation do?

Sales force automation services are automatic programs that aims at getting the right data, to the right person at the right time. It reduces the number of administrative tasks that sales representative and/or their managers have to do themselves. It reduces the human efforts by its advanced technology and speed and aims at providing a systematic representation to both, the company and the customer.

What are the Sales force automation tools ?

This programming includes some tools that allow your business to grow and help the organisation in performing daily tasks.

✓ Insight squared

This tool could allow your business process and make it better by converting the processes into more informed ones that allows you to make data-driven decisions. The large amount of data could be easily visualised that could enable the salespeople to understand the data-driven decisions and complete support information. It could analysis the scope of improvement by identifying the current trends, generate lead conversation reports and unlock historical financial data as well.

✓ Sales edge

This allows an easy process of new customer signing in. It offers multiple solutions that may include RFP or ask for proposals that would help your sales and marketing teams by creating automatic proposals that are more attractive, professional and persuasive. It is available as web-based tool for every platform and results in increased RFP response time. It allows the user to get access to the site and get a free demo.

✓ Microsoft dynamics CRM

This tool is given by Microsoft and it offers integration business management to and robust line of flexibility. It could make the process of sales faster and helps in getting more leads. This CRM ( customer relationship management) tool can drive sales and marketing process effectively.

These are the top 3 tools of sales force automation that could help your business to do better. There are multiple sales force automation vendors that offer this programming for your company.


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