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The world is evolving, and people are becoming more conscious of the environment now than ever before. And if your brand shows that it cares for the planet and environment, it can strike the right chord with a lot of potential customers. One of the best ways to do it is to make a switch from plastic bags to kraft paper bags with handles.

Kraft paper is a strong brown paper that is made of 80 percent virgin wood pulp. It is much stronger than other paper bags. Now, packaging bags have always been a part of the promotion for businesses and brands. Ut with brown kraft paper bags, businesses can establish themselves as green brands that care for the environment. If you are wondering why your business should consider switching to kraft paper bags, we have answers for you. So, here are the top 4 reasons why businesses should use kraft paper bags.

Reason 1. They help businesses establish a reputation of being environmentally friendly

As I mentioned before, people are more environmentally conscious now than ever before. A brand that shows it cares for the environment can build a special bond with customers. By adding kraft paper products to your marketing campaigns, you can show potential customers that your brand cares for the environment and this planet. This can attract more customers. Also, there is less amount of chemical waste in the process of making kraft paper products than any other paper product.

Reason 2. They are more durable

Kraft paper bags are more durable than other paper bags. The reduced amount of lignin in the wood pulp gives extra strength to kraft paper bags. This makes these paper bags even more durable. 

Reason 3. They can be recycled

During the process of recycling, plastic bags release poisonous and toxic gases that cause harm to the environment and living beings. This makes the entire process of recycling plastic hazardous. But this is not the case with kraft paper bags. During the recycling process of kraft paper bags, no harmful gases are released. Hence, no worries about pollution either. Most paper bags are 100 percent recyclable, and kraft paper bags are no different. This is why businesses should focus on switching to kraft paper bags from plastic packaging.

Reason 4. They give elegant background for designing

Brown kraft paper bags can be used by brands to print their logo or name using quirky and elegant designs. The brown color of these kraft paper bags gives a beautiful background for these designs. It can heighten the effectiveness of even a simple and minimalistic design. Not to mention that kraft paper bags are eye-catching and look very stylish

Wrapping it up

These were some of the top benefits of switching to kraft paper bags from plastic ones. Kraft paper bags are available in different shapes and sizes. You can use these bags as a part of your marketing and promoting campaigns.


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