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Top 5 Online Calculators That You Must Take Advantage Of

Today we’re all living in a fast-paced world where we’re short of time for doing anything we want. So, what we do is to find technological hacks for just about everything. And, with technology prevailing in all walks of life, everything has been quite simplified as well. One thing that we appreciate the most, however, is the introduction of online calculators that are meant to perform variety of different functions and are aimed at simplifying decision-making. Yes, that’s probably one of the biggest contributions of technology in our routine life because we have an online calculator for just about everything and it takes only a few seconds to make complex calculations and come up with useful information on which our critical decisions can be based. However, before we get into the details of top 5 online calculators around, let’s first try to find out where you can find these calculators.

How To Find The Best Online Calculators?

Top 5 Online Calculators Advantage

Well, there are variety of websites around that give you access to quite a lot of online calculators. Yes, there are dedicated resources like Calculator All where you can find hundreds of online calculators, each dedicated to a specific purpose, and you can use them as many times as you may like without having to pay any kind of fees whatsoever. If you don’t know any such websites, you can also make a search online using a popular search engine like ‘Google’ and use the name of specific calculator you’re interested in as your search term. This way, you’ll surely come across a long list of online calculators that you can rely on and take help in making some serious decisions.

1. BMI Calculator

The first one on the list is related to your health and is called BMI calculator. BMI is an acronym for ‘Body Mass Index’ which actually is a measurement of your body weight in proportion to your height and age. The index defines a certain scale on which it is measured whether you have maintained a healthy body weight according to your height and age or not. And, if you don’t know how to calculate your own BMI, you can rely on this online calculator to get the results in a jiffy by simply providing a few basic details like your weight and height to the calculator before hitting the calculate button. Some BMI calculators also give you insights into how much weight you should gain or lose to stay within the healthy BMI range.

2. Due Date Calculator

Another health-related calculator on the list, the due date calculator is for the expecting moms. Your pregnancy is quite a difficult time and you have to take proper care of yourself. Besides, you are curious about knowing exactly when you are due. Your due date can be calculated easily with the help of a due date calculator online and you just have to provide a couple of details for the calculation. These include the time of your last menstrual period and the number of days in your typical cycle. Knowing your due date with this calculator can help plan things accordingly and have a stress-free delivery.

3. Home Loan Calculator

That’s another very important tool available today which can be helpful in making the most realistic and sustainable home buying decisions. Most of the home owners find ways to finance their first home and getting a home loan from different available creditors is a common ploy. However, which home loan gives you the best terms is still a big question. So, you can use a home loan calculator available online to compare different available options. You will have to enter a few specific details about each loan option available to you as required by the calculator and, as a result, you’ll be able to get entire details of how you’ll be repaying the loan and how much it will cost you over the years.

4. Auto Loan Calculator

Just like home loan calculator, an auto loan calculator is a very important tool to rely on as well. The only thing that changes here is the purpose for which you’re getting the loan and the calculator works very much the same by giving you the repayment schedule of different available loan options and some much-needed insights into what each of the loans will cost you.

5. Area Calculator

An area calculator can turn out to be a very important tool for people like interior decorators. Yes, they have to make their decisions based on the available space that they can work with and an area calculator can be used for calculating the area of the space based on the space dimensions. Besides, there can be other implementations as well like in construction industry and several others.

So, technology is right there to live a beautiful and happy life . Just choose which of the available online calculators can be of use to you and then start using them for the good. And, mind it, these are only the top 5 calculators around and you can find many more of them that can help you with your cause and make life a lot simpler for you.

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