Top 5 Paper Checker Tools Available Online for Students

The reason why a majority of the students don’t get the desired marks for their academic papers is that they do not properly proofread their copies before submission. What most of them don’t know is that there are plenty of paper corrector tools available online. These tools can be used to identify the grammatical errors and other inconsistencies in a paper in an instant.

Before a student decides to order essay online, he/she should try any of these following tools to spot the errors in the paper he/she has initially drafted.

  • Grammarly:

Among all the paper checker tools available online, Grammarly is the most popular one. It is available as a web-based proofreading app, a browser extension, a mobile keyboard and more. Besides checking the grammatical errors, spelling mistakes and other inconsistencies in the paper, the tool also does plagiarism checks. The basic grammar and spelling checks in this tool are available for free. The paid version includes advanced grammar checks and plagiarism checks.

  • ProWriting Aid:

In the list of best paper checkers online, one will always find ProWritingAid. Its popularity may be little less than that of Grammarly, but in terms of efficiency, this tool is on par with Grammarly. This tool generates real-time alerts when the user pastes the text or write directly on the editor. One can even find the words that are repeated in the text several times. Besides being a proofreading tool, it also works towards improving the readability of the text.

  • Ginger Software:

This beginner-friendly grammar checker tool can help improve the writing abilities of the user. Instead of choosing to order essay for accuracy, students can give this tool a try. It is actually a lightweight browser extension that opens up a pop-up window to proofread the text. It even integrates seamlessly with Microsoft Office products. The tool can also help translate the text to other languages.

  • WhiteSmoke:

This tool is widely regarded as one of the most reliable online proofreading platforms. You can find it as a web-based app, a browser extension and a mobile app. This tool offers grammar checks, translation support and plagiarism checks for a document. The tool seamlessly detects the tense inconsistencies, dangling modifiers, punctuation errors, spelling errors, sentence fragments, incomplete sentences and many other errors.

  • Hemingway Editor:

This sophisticated proofreading app is one of the best in the business. No sign-up needed to use this tool. Just visit the website and use the tool to proofread a document. It highlights typos, passive writing, sentences that are hard to read and more. One can also edit the mistakes with a single click as the tool offers the correct alternatives. It even checks the readability of the document and offers suggestions on how to improve it.

In conclusion,

Availing online essay writing support may help a student get the flawless essay he/she wants. However, with the help of these tools, one can prepare an error-free paper on his/her own. Also, the tool can help the student learn where he/she is making a mistake.


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