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There are certain indispensable factors you need to keep in mind before starting over with a business plan. Every individual dream about starting their own business. Yet there are very few that come out with a successful business plan.

Sadly, not more than 50% of businesses do not even make it to the fifth year. Most people tend to rush on things and miss out on the important factors that propel the success of the company. If you’re looking to take that big leap, then you need to formulate a strategy that helps your business perform well.

Businesses rise and fall. Most importantly, today businesses demand a clearly defined strategy that most companies fail to develop. As a business strategist, it is essential to know where the roadblocks are and pitfalls you need to avoid.

Here are five pitfalls strategic management professionals need to avoid today: –

  1. Never plan business without a strategy

Even if you aren’t sure where your business may lead, avoid moving without a well-planned strategy. Take time in planning what you want to achieve out of your business. It helps align your vision with your business goals and helps propel in the right direction.

  1. Don’t confuse strategies with tactics

Strategies and tactics are not the same. Period.

Both these terms are often perceived as one, but that’s the irony. It isn’t.

A strategy is defined as a pattern that is well-planned to accomplish your business’s mission. It is for a long-term purpose.  Whereas, tactic remains to be smaller steps or activities that are taken in achieving your goal. Their focus is not for a longer-term but for short-term.

  1. Do you have any hidden biases? Try avoiding them

As a business strategist, you need to be aware of the assumption that is influencing your objectivity in creating business strategies to grow your business. Find our evidence that supports your thoughts and beliefs about how your strategy can be counterproductive. Planning a business strategy may not be an easy task but it is one of the major factors for developing a successful business.

  1. Stop being rigid about your business strategy

You need to avoid hanging on to your business strategy long past its usefulness. Ensure your business strategies are being evaluated on a daily basis to create competing lead to achieve business goals.

  1. You have a strategy, yet you’re not referencing it. Why?

Make sure you do not waste time strategizing a plan using multiple resources only to use it to your doorstep. Let your memory do the work and help guide your decision-making.

These are the pitfalls a business strategist wants you to avoid today.

Dreaming big is not the only factor you need to turn your business into a reality. You also need to believe in planning a strategy and work toward it to achieve excellent business growth. “Rome wasn’t built overnight”. This proverb holds true for businesses as well.

A strategist professional can only relate to it once they’ve come across the same problem. Ensure you avoid the aforementioned factors and focus on what’s significant.


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