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With pandemic approaching towards an endemic state (at least that’s what we are feeling now), things are on the up. With a much lower risk of the transmission, life is slowly getting back on track, shops are open for a longer duration, meeting up with people is not really that scary anymore, and talking about celebrations and weddings, well, let’s just say, now you can at least have one. 

Weddings are a huge affair, and why not? It is a once-in-a-lifetime thing (for many of us). Thus, it is supposed to be perfect, lavish, and memorable. We have been confined in our homes for the past year, forget about weddings, and meeting up with four friends was a life-threatening task. Those who couldn’t wait for all this to get over converted it into a small, mostly at-home wedding. But those who waited, good days are coming. 

Wedding predictions for 2021

The virus may not be so active right now, but it has left its effects reflected in the type of lifestyle we live. Whatever we do, be it celebrating or getting married, people go for a more achievable way. This also has an influence on the biggest wedding trends. Things have changed from a never-ending guest list to just close ones, which is kind of good because now you can save extra to buy those diamond wedding bands you eyed on. Similarly, experts couldn’t help but make guesses about the wedding trends that are expected to be seen in the wedding world. If you are planning one this year, start making notes. 

Micro weddings

Of Course, we all saw that coming, it might be less, but the risk of getting infected is still there, so we cannot just ignore the risk but look out for safer ways. So, 2021 is about mini parties. Actually, they call it ‘Minimony’. That’s the freshest term they have added to Google, related to weddings. Intimate weddings with only close ones is a trend that is going to stay. 

Live streaming ceremonies & parties

Another trend shows live streaming of the ceremonies and wedding parties so that your loved ones, which could make it to your guest list, can watch you say ‘I do’ on screen. 

Extravagant fashion

Now that you are hoping for a smaller intimate wedding, boy, you will save a lot more. So, that is just some extra cash to spend on yourself. So, tada! Welcome to the extra extravagant fashion that’s going to rock this year. All the brides out there shop for the most extravagant dress out there. C’mon, you lost one year to sweatpants; you deserve to be dipped in glitter and everything extra. Also, pick out the shiniest, giant-looking eternity wedding bands to complete the glorious extra look. 

Eco-friendly weddings

That should have happened before, but finally, we see eco-friendly weddings in 2021. People have become more eco-conscious, that’s reflected in the wedding trends. 

These are some wedding predictions for 2021.


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