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Top 7 ways which can help to dry your ears

After taking a swim you feel like something is stuck in your ears giving uneasy sensation. This is the common occurrence after one has gone to swimming. Water can get stuck in your ear canal making you feel clogged in your ears. In most of the cases, it usually drains itself out automatically, if not it can leads to irritation or infection in your ear canal which is known as otitis externa or more commonly termed as swimmer’s ear.

Here are top 7 ways you can do to dry your ears:

Let gravity do its magic :

Gravity can dry your ear with ease. Just lie down sideways with the affected ear facing downwards. At least stay down for approximately five to six minutes and water will drain out automatically due to the force of gravity.

Generate a vacuum in your ear :

Vacuum can be generated in your affected ear by placing your palm on that ear and then gently push in or out until water comes out. Make sure that your head is tilted on the affected ears side. You can also your finger for the same purpose but use it with precautions since there is a chance you can damage ear canals by scratching it too many times.

Using a solution of alcohol and vinegar:

Making a solution of alcohol and vinegar helps in drying as well as removing the infection from the ears. Alcohol has dual functionality as it helps in drying as well as treating the infection. If the infection has occurred because of the excessive use of hair wax, it can be treated with the help of vinegar. Prevent from using this method if you are suffering from an outer ear infection, perforated eardrums or have damaged eardrums.

Try blow-drying your ear:

It sounds little weird but it has work in most of the cases. Set your blow dryer in minimum setting and have an at least distance of 1 foot. Move the dryer back and forth until you feel water is draining. As a precaution don’t overuse the dryer because there is the risk of damaging your ear from overheating.

Just Chew:

It’s the easiest and random way to dry your ears. Water is mainly stuck in Eustachian tube (which connects our middle ear with the area behind our nasal passage). While chewing the movement of our jaws helps in releasing the tension in the tube which in turns drains the water stuck in it.

Using counter ear-drops:

Mainly hydrogen peroxide ear drops are used for the same. It helps in removing bacteria, wax or the stuck water in your ears. Add drops to your ear and tilt the head sideways so that it can drain the ear easily.

At last, Consult the doctor:

If all the above-mentioned ways haven’t worked for you and you still have irritation in your ears then it’s time for you to go the professionals. There are chances that the irritation or infection is because of swimmer’s ears. Consult the doctors immediately when following symptoms start to occur:


  • Yellow-green pus-like or foul smell comes from your ears.
  • A loss of hearing.
  • Pain increases on pulling your ears.

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