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elizagraceeDecember 2, 20201111 min

There are several jobs available in a variety of companies for PMI SP certified professionals. These jobs are very high paying, and the annual average salary of a PMI SP certified professional is close to $103,000. There are several high paying jobs available in the IT sector for individuals looking for new challenges and opportunities. Some of the major job openings and HR favorites have been listed below: 


Master Scheduler

Construction Scheduler

Project Control Manager

Project Control Specialist

Director of Operations

Project Manager, Information Technology (IT)

Program Analyst


Note that these are only a few of the many jobs that are available for a PMI SP certified professional. There are also other work profiles that can be fulfilled by them. There is a high demand by companies like Facebook for PMI SP certified professionals. The jobs are as much lucrative as the companies. These companies have very good customer policies and equally good employee policies. The balance between work and social life is what makes a job unique. One can be guaranteed to get a good social life with a very professional work life once they complete PMI SP certification.


The several changes that are about to come into the industry is a very important sign about how dynamic the sector is. The industry is ruled by new inventions and discoveries. This is a very intriguing fact to think about. Several governments and administrations, while making laws about these sectors, have allowed very flexible ways to change the rules and regulations due to the unexpected nature of the sector.


There are new jobs that have spawned with the invention of new computer languages only. And with the invention of new gadgets, software, and other IT related things, there will be a massive influx in the number of people working in the industry. One benefit of having a PMI SP certification is that it doesn’t chain a professional to only one working profile. Several opportunities can be explored by that particular individual if he/she is interested. The level of experience that this industry gives is seldom paralleled. 


One of the most impressive facts about jobs in PMI SP is that this certification helps you in upgrading to other certifications as well. There is a great chance to start as a beginner in this industry with this certification and then go for higher levels. As per a survey conducted by a website, nearly 13% of individuals working as the job profiles mentioned above are beginners or new in the industry. This is a staggering amount considering the level of experience required to get certified. 


There are different working criteria. Several companies need individuals who are capable of overlooking different matters. These professionals are better than the rest and have different certifications under their belt. There is a massive impact in the corporate sector since the inception of PMI. The certifications and the valuable lessons embedded in its courses have helped professionals all over the world to succeed at places they work.


There have been several examples of professionals excelling in their respective jobs around the world. This is very positive feedback when we consider jobs. There are several professionals too, who do not go for jobs and rather choose to open their own companies with the knowledge of their basic studies and certifications. These individuals go on to hire other people in the future and become the head of companies and take up important positions in society. The different icons today in the IT industries are not only talented and brilliant minds but also courageous and brave minds.


There have been several examples to show the success of PMI SP in the current IT world. This a known fact that getting certified from PMI with any certification is a matter of pride in itself. But having a PMI SP is a distinct one and empowers you to have the other certifications available at several places. The benefits of having a PMI SP certification can be realized by someone after he/she steps into the field or the industry. This certification provides much-needed background knowledge in several jobs and works profiles. The certification has been very successful for professionals and is critically acclaimed. Therefore, one should be very assured while choosing this certification.


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