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Your home should be a reflection of your personality. You spend the majority of your time in your home; therefore you would want it to be a warm and comfortable place. This is why it is important to hire the right home decorators. If you live in London, then below is a list of top marble suppliers and home decorators –

Marble City

Marble City is one of the most popular marble suppliers in London, which was founded by Biran O’Regan in 1969. Over the last 40 years, the company has managed to expand its collection to a notable level, leaving no stones unturned. Irrespective of your requirements and budgets, the experts in this company will help you find a stone that would be a perfect fit. Additionally, you also get a sample for the customers to verify the authenticity of the natural stones. Once you have thoroughly explained the collection and selected the one that you like, you can request for estimate costs of sourcing, fabricating and fitting. The team makes a site visit to analyze the fitting requirements prior to giving the final quotations.

KML Worktops

KML Worktops is another marble supplier in London on our lists that you should definitely check out. The companies are approved manufacturers of stones including Caesarstone, Silestone, Compac, Quarella Quartzforms, Unistone, Cambria, Neolith, Technistone, and an array of different types of stones. The company has a dedicated factory where it manufactures all the stones and provides customers marbles at economical prices. There marble and granite are sourced from all 7 continents of the world. The company is considered one of the well-regarded kitchen worktop suppliers in London, Essex, Hertfordshire, Berkshire, Kent, and many surrounding regions. Irrespective of the size of your projects, the skilled team at KML Worktops can efficiently help you get the décor of your choice.

Stone World

Stone World London was established 20 years back and one of the leading suppliers of premium quality marbles. The company supplies different kinds of marbles to fabricators all across the United Kingdom. Their extensive selection of stones is truly notable and vouches and caters to the needs of various clients. It has been two decades and the company has managed to extend its customers a wide range of natural as well as man-made materials include quartz, slate, marble, etc. Each of their items is available in different colors, forms, and sizes. Stone World source their stones from popular regions of the world including Portugal, Spain, India, Brazil, Italy, and South Africa.

The Marble and Granite Centre Ltd.

The Marble and Granite Centre Ltd. is one of the leading wholesalers of natural stones in the UK. All the stones in its collection are selected by the team of experts to ensure that optimum quality is adhered to. The company has been working in this industry for over four generations; therefore possess a comprehensive knowledge of the materials and markets. The stones they provide are used in various home décor services including paving, flooring, worktops, indoor and outdoor cladding, fire surrounds, etc. They have a dedicated storage area in London that secure store more than 400 types of granite, limestone, marble, slate, etc.

Imperial Marble and Granite Importers Ltd.

Imperial Marble and Granite Importers Ltd. is a well-reckoned company known to import granite, limestone, quartz, and marble. For over 20 years, the company has been sourcing best-quality stones from the best sources around the world. Some of the best quarries include Turkey, India, Portugal, Spain, South Africa, Zimbabwe, Italy, and Brazil. Their showroom holds around 200 colors of natural stones that are available for the users at affordable prices. They are especially popular for importing white marble from Carrara in Italy. Additionally, they have a wide assortment of Quartz, Granite, Onyx, and Limestone.


Marble is one of the most elegant and popular natural stone. It never fails to accentuate the overall aura of any home. No matter what style your house is, there is a marble to complete it with. If you live in London and are looking for reliable marble suppliers, then above are the top options for you. These companies have been in the industry for centuries and pride themselves in providing the best quality natural stones from the best quarries around the world.


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