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In the optimized IT service space, a Network Operations Center (NOC) is a centralized site where IT engineers can directly support remote monitoring and management (RMM) software efforts. Convergence Labs experts in Hyderabad say the NOC engineers are on board to monitor all managed endpoints and ensure availability throughout the day for MSP customers. Whether the MSP adopts an internal NOC, outsources an external provider, or redistributes a hybrid solution somewhere in between, the central roles and responsibilities of the NOC remain the same.

Roles and responsibilities of NOC engineers –

The NOC engineers and technicians are responsible for the supervision of each NetFlow, hop, server, and terminal connected to the MSP’s customer networks. They examine the robustness, security, and capacity of the infrastructure and make the appropriate changes to ensure optimal performance and efficiency of the organization’s system. Whenever the MSP requires action or intervention, NOC technicians can generate alerts or tickets that rank the problem by severity, type of signal and some other criteria.

Engineers are classified according to “levels,” which refers to experience and problem-solving skills. In the event of a hardware failure, an alert may initially be assigned to a Level 1 technician, but during an additional inspection, if the problem exceeds the faulty hardware, the alarm may be adapted to Level 2 engineers. Level 3. NOC’s new skills include:


· Install application software, troubleshoot and update

· Optimization and service quality reports.

· Email administration services

· Performance reports and improvement recommendations.

· Management of backup and storage.

· Network discovery and evaluations

· Monitoring and management of firewall and intrusion prevention systems (IPS)

· Antivirus analysis and troubleshooting

· Policy implementation

· Patch and white list management

· Shared threat analysis

· Voice and video traffic management.


Many essential developments occur in the role of network engineer. Regardless of the type of business managed by the network, the engineer is regularly in charge of ongoing projects. According to Convergence Labs, to become a successful network engineer, you must become a secure communicator and a critical analyst.


Skills –

While there are several network engineering jobs on the global market to become a successful NOC engineer skills, you must have the following skills in addition to an essential computer science degree that will boost your career:

• Server hardware experience with Cisco UCS, HP and Dell blade systems

• Experience working in a large distribution or manufacturing environment.


In addition to technical skills, network engineers need analytical skills, leadership, and organization. The ability to react to the facts and the ability to solve problems are also exceptional. Engineers must be sufficiently capable of recognizing complex networks and identifying problems or advising solutions for more elaborate work procedures. They must also have the talent to work closely together and train other engineers and maintenance personnel to network connectivity without interruption.


Certifications –


The CNO technician is the initial level from which professionals can become engineers after certification. The following certifications will help improve the career of the NOC engineer:


• CISSP (Certified Professional in Information Systems Security)

• Microsoft Certified IT Professional Certification (MCT)

• Microsoft Certified Technology Specialist (MCTS) Certification

• Cisco certification


Salary –


Men represent the majority of Network Operations Center engineers in the United States. For a full-time service, the average salary of a CNO engineer, according to the salary scale, is $ 59,000 per year, depending on work experience and maturity. As an independent NOC engineer, the revenue potential is enormous in the top independent market, such as, to your satisfaction.


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