Small Kitchen Remodeling Ideas

Top Small Kitchen Ideas For Small Houses | 2020

Living in a small home has its perks but they tend to be lacking when it comes to kitchens. A lot of homeowners find it difficult to create a space-efficient design.

The clutter can be pretty difficult to handle when you have a little storage space. Luckily, there are a few tips and tricks to utilize the small kitchen space for its best. It is all about working with the right layout.

Either your kitchen is tucked in the corner, confined to a single wall or U shaped space, there are some helpful tips. All comes down to what you make of it. The best thing about a small kitchen is that it is easy to clean. You don’t have to scrub the surfaces for hours to clean a small kitchen!

Let us dive into the top small kitchen ideas for small houses using simple tools.

1. Paint It Light

Changing the paint color might not actually change the available space but it gives an illusion of wider and brighter spaces. Remove the excess clutter from your kitchen and use the painting opportunity to rearrange the items. White is one of the most popular colors for kitchens because it helps spread and reflect light that makes space seem bigger.

2. Skip The Upper Cabinets

If you have a small kitchen confined to a single wall you can maximize the space by removing the upper cabinets. Add open shelves. These shelves are extremely functional and easy to access. The cabinets can make a space look crowded especially when you are living under ceilings that are ten feet high. You can also utilize the underside of floating shelves.

3. Think Vertically

You can increase the storage space of a small kitchen more easily than you think. Installing pot racks and knife mounts can save tons of space. You can install much higher shelves to place the items that you rarely use. When in doubt, hire New Kitchen Construction Companies to get super innovative ideas.

4. Organize The Kitchen Drawers And Cabinets

The most important tip for small kitchen owners is to get super organized. You can find drawer organizers at cheap rates in every home improvement store. If you have cabinets, think about the innovative ways to maximize space usage. You can consult with any kitchen cabinets resurfacing company to get the idea in a better way.

Stock up on risers and hangers to fill in the spaces. The sorting systems are very efficient in streamlining a kitchen. You can always check internet resources to find some organization inspiration. People living in smaller kitchens manage it well by sharing and caring for other fellows.

5. Add A Prep Area

Relying on the small countertops can make you feel all boxed up. Efficient cooking space must have some additional prep area. You can add a small island such as a simple table to increase the available shelve area. The table can also be used as the dining table. You can also add floating shelves if you have a corner lying empty.

Are you dealing with a super small kitchen? Install a shelve that can be folded down to be flush with the wall when you are not using it. The prep area gets super innovative when you have an L shaped kitchen.

6. Bring In Green Plants

Bring in a few plants to make your space wider and brighter. The refreshing green color pairs well with light paint colors.

7. Add Light

The dark corners can make your kitchen look smaller and affect the functionality. Install light fixtures beneath the cabinets to light up the countertops. Best Kitchen Construction utilizes down lighting as it is super essential for cooking.

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