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Lebanon is well known for being a vacation destination for people worldwide. Mostly people from the Persian Gulf, many of whom wear the traditional hijab. Many Lebanese are rather liberal in comparison to the people of Lebanon’s neighboring countries in short skirts, high heels, and bikinis are a daily sight. Although Lebanon is the smallest country, the total number of tourist visits to Lebanon increased by an annual 2.97% to 221,695 tourists by 2018. This was reported by the ministry of the tourism department. While the Arab tourists used to represent the largest number of tourists visiting Lebanon, they are now matched by European tourists.  You can also find a list of hotels in Lebanon.

Best tourist places to visit in Lebanon:

1: Baalbek

2: National Museum of Beirut

3: The cedars

4: Byblos

5: The corniche

6: Beit ed-Dine

7: Kadisha valley

8: Tyre

9: Beirut Central District

10: Jeita Grotto

Places tourist can explore in Lebanon city:

1: Snow kin in the mountains and water ski in the Mediterranean: 

The country’s ski season typically runs from December to April. In the spring, the weather often also happens to be perfect for a day at the Lebanon beach. On an ideal spring day, one can hit the slopes in the morning, followed by a dip in the Mediterranean’s refreshing waters in the afternoon.

2: Witness a fistfight over a football matches involving foreign soccer teams:

This is one of Lebanon’s many amazing phenomena. Soccer fans in Lebanon don’t take the sport lightly, especially when the Brazilian, German, Italia and French teams are involved. Sit back and enjoy the show with your family.

3. Dinner with an Argileh at any Lebanese restaurant in the country:

In Lebanon, you just go out to eat Lebanese food. People at your table will inevitably request an argileh to try it out. And you’ll have your choice of just about any flavor that comes in mind.

4: Spend eight hours at the beach only when you overpaid to get in:

You won’t find too many free beaches in Lebanon. No matter where you go, eight hours at the beach is a long time. Too long — but you’re going to get your money’s worth it. That’s also why nearly every Lebanese person you see is both perpetually sunburn and twice as tan as usual during the summer.

5: Learn to speak Arabic, English, and French. In the same breath:

The Lebanese are taught several languages in school. Lebanon was a French mandate before 1943, if you’re interested in leading these languages then this is the right time to explore your talent and learn them.

You can also see a bikini-clad Lebanese woman next to a veiled tourist at the beach, see the ruins of 15 civilizations mere steps from an average dinner and also visit the clubbing on the former site of a civil war refugee camp.

Overall Insight:

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