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Travel experience stories

If you wish to become a travel writer, these tips to write about travel experiences will come in extremely handy. While being paid to travel the world and write about it sounds like a dream job, you have to actually know how first. You will find plenty of travel writing examples short and long on the internet. But you must also keep the habit of reading travel material by legendary travel writers. Study their language, their tone, their focus, and their style. To be the best, you must learn from the best! So, before you start writing about a trip, give a quick read of our tips to write about travel experiences mentioned below.

How to Tell Travel Experience Stories:

Travel is a lifestyle statement for most people and not just something they indulge in once a year. And yet, even most of them don’t know how to start a piece of travel writing! Whether you’re making a sudden trip on last minute flights or going on a family holiday, writing about it will inspire others to travel. So, take a close look at some of the best tips to write about travel experiences below and get going!

  1. Live the adventure before you write about it

If you wish to write about travel experiences, know that it’s different than writing fiction. You cannot make stuff up and hope people will buy it. Have your adventure before sharing it with the world. This is among the best tips to write about travel experiences. Travel somewhere you’ve always wanted to and do exciting things you can write about.

  1. Always carry a travel journal

While keeping a travel journal might seem boring, it’s a must if you wish to become a travel writer. At the end of each day, sit down with your travel journal and write about every exciting thing that happened. You can even save notes online. It will help you write long or short travel articles that will hook your readers. This is among the best travel blog writing tips as well.

  1. Is there a quest?

What we mean to say by this is that you must state why you decided to take this trip. Readers want to know the purpose of your trip and ultimately, if you fulfilled it. Your quest can be as vague as ‘soul searching’ to something very specific like ‘hiking the Himalayas.’ This is among the best tips to write about travel experiences as it will set the stage for you to tell your story.

  1. Why did you want to visit this particular place?

One of the tips to write about travel experiences is to tell your readers what made you pick a particular travel destination. Was it the hype around the place? Are there childhood memories attached to it? Are you trying to find your roots? Is there a long-lost friend you’re trying to track down? The more interesting the reason, the more readers you’ll be able to hook with your story.

  1. Make the opening an interesting one

We cannot stress how important this one is out of all the tips to write about travel experiences. When you begin a story well, you will ensure your readers will stay to find out the rest. You could try beginning with dialogue like this – “I should’ve told William about this.” Who is William? What should you have told him? These are things the readers will want to know and, thereby, keep reading.

  1. Don’t drag your feet through the story

Never make your readers suffer through a long and dull travel story. Ideally, it should be short enough for them to enjoy and long enough to cover all the important details. For instance, you don’t need to describe every aspect of your journey on fancy business class flights. You should, however, tell them what it was like to first arrive in a foreign place.

  1. Use vivid descriptions

This is among the top tips to write about travel experiences especially when you’re describing an important aspect of the trip. For instance, if you visited the beach and were mesmerized by it, describe it to the readers vividly. Use adjectives to define the beauty instead of off-handed descriptions. Stating “the sand was very soft under my feet” is not saying much. Try using words such as ‘silky’ to help the readers to better picture the scene.

  1. Never cram too many pictures into the story

Uploading pictures is a kind of travel story in itself. But when you’re planning to write about travel experiences, you must take care not to overdo it. Use them in moderation and only when absolutely necessary. Also, make sure the pictures are really good. They must make the reader want to read further and gain the background on them.

  1. Be careful of offending people

This is among the most important tips to write about travel experiences to keep in mind. Since it’s not a fictional account, there will be other people in your story. Check with them first before writing them into the story. Even if you’re writing about an unpleasant encounter with a stranger, you might not want to put in abusive words. Everybody has access to the internet and you don’t want them to create further trouble.

10 How did the travel experience change you?

Wherever you decide to go on international flights, the trip will have an impact on you. Among the best tips to write about travel experiences is to tell your readers about this impact. How did the trip change you? Has your view of the place changed? Give an honest account but be careful not to discourage anyone from traveling to a particular place. That’s not what a traveler’s spirit should be like. Tell your travel stories and inspire wanderlust in fellow travelers across the world!



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