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Traveling is not just about seeing new places, experiencing great adventures and bringing home beautiful photos. It’s also about filling your tummies with cheer and bliss as you try their lovely dishes and drinks. Locals will definitely recommend home favorites and tourist must-try meals that you should not leave without having! 

In Newcastle, there are tons of places where you can eat out all by yourself or with your loved ones. Whether it’s for breakfast, lunch or dinner, there are countless of selections to choose from.  And if you especially love desserts and tasty snacks, there are awesome shops where you can get sumptuous cakes for your sweet tooth! 

If you’re strolling around parks, malls and hotels in Newcastle, you might visit around these 3 cake shops that offer admirable tastes and unique foodie experiences! Check them out from the list below!

[1] Mog On The Tyne

Photo Source – TripAdvisor – MogOnTheTyne

With peerlessly delicious brownies and cakes come a cafe that serves not just food but also fun and relaxation with cute and good-natured cats! Mog On The Tyne in Pudding Chare calls itself Newcastle’s first cat cafe! It’s a win for cat-lovers who travel around this area! 

Mog On The Tyne has a calming and delightful atmosphere and ambiance as it is set in one of the city’s oldest streets. It’s perfect to drop by this nice place which is closed only on Mondays, but if you want a sure seat, make an advanced booking. Many guests visit for its cozy and lovely features! An entrance fee is paid besides the food fees, and that goes to the needs of the rescued cats. 

There are hot and cold drinks which you will enjoy partnering with their delectable cakes and pastries! They have vegan and vegetarian options, not just for main viands but also for cakes! Sounds good and nutritious without hampering yourself from enjoying, right? You better drop them a message first, so they can create your very own vegan cake! 

The place is interesting. It is the cat cafe you’re expecting, but there’s none like it in another part of the world for sure. The cats are Newcastle-born, and you’ll get to meet them in their city. That’s one of a kind experience. With friendly cats and accommodating staff, you can chill out, enjoy, eat and play.

Not to mention, their cakes are very good. People go and come back because of how unmatched their products are. There are teas and scones which you will also love! Cakes are pretty, both inside and out! Another nice thing, there are cat treats which you can hand out to the playful cats, so it’s not only your tummy that gets filled with gladness! 


[2] Teo’s Delicatessen

Photo Source – Facebook – TeosDeli

A unique pick situated in Wallsend, Teo’s Delicatessen offers Romanian homemade cakes and sweets. Yes, they’re Romanian since the owner of this is a Romanian couple! 

“Exceptional” is the word to describe their cakes as they are made with a happy heart and are creatively thought, making them very distinct from any regular cake. In addition to that, there are other dessert selections such as gelato that many people love! Drinks, coffees and wines are present too! There are international food which cannot be easily found in any other part of the city. You can pay it a visit for a nice afternoon tea or a morning sugar rush. 

Teo’s Delicatessen is also a favorable place for veggie lovers because there are tons of products made especially for vegans and vegetarians found in the menu. Lentils, spices, pulses, herbal teas, name it! Teo’s Delicatessen even have those which you might have not heard of yet.

The staff are kind and pleasant. The area is adorable; it’s perfect to have a quiet and relaxing time. Another benefit you get from here is its accessibility to important places like transport sites and malls. You won’t have a hard time coming from any accommodation in Newcastle where you are checked in. It’s an advantage that you should appreciate and maximize. 


[3] Cake Stories Coffee House & Cakery

Photo Source – TripAdvisor – Cake Stories

Initially seeing its name, you will know that Cake Stories Coffee House & Cakery is a kingdom of cakes! From the first word to the last, you will not doubt that it’s forte is cake. 

Located in West Jesmond, Cake Stories Coffee House & Cakery is that food shop people keep coming to without minding even if they have to travel hours to get there! A busy line that might keep you waiting for a little while is a common scene in this cake shop since it is undeniably sought-after by both locals and tourists. 

This little cake shop makes your family bonding or couple date even more intimate with its fair and comfortable space. Its tables are close to each other but enough to have privacy, if you need. The staff are approachable and knowledgeable, always willing to lend a helping hand and to answer your queries. 

Cakes are superb and irresistible! As the owners and cake makers aim, they are absolutely producing high-quality cakes that make their shop and service remarkable! It’s also a pleasure for customers that there is a wide range of cakes to choose from! From standard cakes, vegan, vegetarian, gluten-free to nut-free cakes, Cake Stories Coffee House & Cakery got you! With flawlessly moist, soft and spongy features, their freshly baked cakes won’t make you move on without a full stomach and a satisfied feeling!

Additionally, there are other light appetizing snacks and great coffee and drinks to have. You can have them even when it’s late in the evening. What’s more, hip interiors make your cake experience in Newcastle even more winning!



There is none like Newcastle’s cakes in any other part of the world and even in any other area in the city. Be sure to pop in for a visit to the three awesome cake shops mentioned above, and also see local recommendations to know more stores and restaurants where you can have Newcastle’s sugary treats. 

Make your Newcastle travel a memorably sweet one! 



Nicole Ann Pore is a daytime writer for PREMIER SUITES Newcastle, an exemplary traditional hotel alternative offering bright and spacious serviced apartments for locals and travelers. She graduated Cum Laude from De La Salle University Manila, Philippines with a Bachelor’s Degree in Communication Arts.


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