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More often than not, when shopping for your little princesses’ shoes, you tend to take only and only the comfort factor into consideration. While, as good parents, this is extremely necessary and completely understandable, you will also notice that in doing so, you end up picking some less than aesthetic, boring pairs of shoes that bring even their cutest of outfits a few notches down and make them seem dull.

These days, much like ours, kids’ shoes too are available in a wide assortment of designs and materials that are suitable for your tiny lady’s feet. Not only do they offer maximum comfort and ample support to your baby’s feet and can effortlessly be slipped on and off, but these sandals for girls will also help her take baby steps, literally and metaphorically, into developing a unique style with ease. Now, knowing this and still depriving them of footwear that is chic, trendy along with being comfortable, seems a bit unfair, doesn’t it? 

So, to help you delve into the world of stylish children’s footwear and make the task of choosing the best for your little tyke an easier one, we have compiled a list of all the types of sandals that are absolute must-haves when it comes to your girls shoe rack:

  • Platform sandals for girls- As the name suggests, platform sandals have an even, elevated sole from the tip right to the heel. The kids’ range is available in soft, sturdy materials like PU and buckles and velcro for closure, so they stay in place, and your child gets to swing her legs in peace. Opt for these with a pair of shorts and a floral, cotton top for a fun day out.
  • Flats- Just like us adults do, your kid is sure to love a snug and plush pair of flats too. With soles made of lightweight synthetics and PU suitable for tender feet, kid’s flats mostly have an elastic strap closure allowing maximum flexibility. Pair these with cute dresses or their traditional attires like kurtas and anarkalis, and watch them turn into little divas!
  • Casual sandals for girls- Now, these might be something you are already familiar with. The kids’ collection of casual sandals are available in the widest variety of comfortable to wear designs. Clogs, open-toed velcro shoes and strappy sandals all fall under this category. Match these with absolutely any outfit, and they will surely rock it without getting even the least bit fussy!
  • Formal sandals for girls- Who said we grown-ups have a sole right over formal shoes? These sandals not only are manufactured using the best materials to accommodate the needs of your little girl’s delicate feet, but they also look more sophisticated than the ones available in bigger sizes. When taking your kid to a work party, dress her in a denim skirt. Comfortable sleeveless shirt and a pair of these formal sandals. She will enjoy her time to the fullest, and your colleagues will undoubtedly be impressed.

The notion that comfort and style are mutually exclusive where your children’s footwear is concerned is outdated and untrue. We hope this list helps you make much more unconventional choices while picking out shoes for your baby girl!


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