Fashion and LifestyleTypes of Sandals for women : Choose the right pair to match your style

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Have you ever gotten ready with all the pieces of a complete attire and still felt something amiss? Turns out well all have been through this and more of than not, the culprit turns out to be the wrong footwear. The importance of a perfect pair of footwear in tying any outfit together is something that can not and should not be denied.

And if you’re someone who values personal style and likes to show your personality, thoughts and quirks through your attires, having a few pairs of sandals for women that fit your tastes and work with multiple outfits is a must.

Read on for information on different type of stylish sandals for women and find out which one suits your personal style the best:

  • Casual flats

Casual sandals come in many designs, colours and materials and can very easily be styled with a multitude of casual outfits like jeans and tees and dresses as well as kurtis. Additionally, casual sandals are quite good for daily use as they are made of high quality, durable and flexible materials that can withstand the daily grind. Invest in a few of these pairs and they will last you for years to come and never let your attires get boring.

  • Festive heels

Every person should be in possession of at the very least one pair of festive sandals that will add some much needed dazzle and spark to their style. Every once in a while we all have occasions that require us to get all decked up for, these sandals will come in handy then. There are leather varieties as well as embellished and embroidered ones available on sites like Mochi shoes. Make sure to pick the one that perfectly matches your aesthetic.

  • Black Office sandals for women

As a fashion cognizant person, office style is something you should never ever overlook when buying footwear or any item of clothing. Workplace outfits are something you have to build and wear multiple times a week and having an attractive, elegant and professional pair of sandals for women will make sure these outfits look complete. Heeled as well as flat black formal sandals are in trend right now and if they go well with your tastes and strike your fancy, they are worth investing in.

  • Ethnic sandals for women

To complete the list as well as your shoe rack upgrade, add a stunning pair or two of studded yet dainty ethnic sandals that will turn all of your lehenga, saree and salwar kameez outfits into dreamy, modelesque attires. If you happen to have a dominant colour combo going on with your traditional clothing, like maroons or silver or gold, you can go for sandals that match or compliment those colours.

Having a personal and and actively maintaining it is a difficult task and we want you to have only the best items and pieces to help you bring all of those dreamy outfits to life. Make sure to stock up on all of these incredibly beautiful sandals for women, rock them and make heads turn!


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