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When decorating your home, putting in equal effort in all rooms is incredibly important, especially your living room. From relaxing together in front of the TV to having the best gossip session, the living room is where the magic happens. Not to mention, it is the first room your guests step into, so leaving it anything short of elegance and beauty is not done. Luckily, the living room is a versatile space that you can decorate with countless living room ideas.

Listed below are 5 tips that will elevate your room in an instant:

Incorporate Colour Well: Your living room idea and the colour palette should be carefully chosen. Being on the extreme light side can make it look too unapproachable, and the opposite can make it look cold, so finding a balance between your dark and light shades is essential. Also, make sure you balance out your neutrals with vibrant hues that will add a pop of colour to the decor. This can be done by choosing colourful furniture or selecting bright accessories and decorations.

Please don’t Shy Away From Texture: Textures are extremely fun to play with, yet they are an element that often gets overlooked. By incorporating a variety of textures like wood, glass, stones, ribbed, cotton, etc., you will add life and a more welcoming appeal to the room. If you have kids, this will also be very engaging for them, with a complex and soft contrast between various items. Pillows are the most accessible place to start with for adding some texture to the room.

Go for Fun Patterns: Many often tend to stay away from patterns for fear of becoming too bold or extravagant, but when done right, designs can add life to your living room. It is one of the best living room ideas to add patterned elements like the rug, pillows, or even a wall to anchor the whole area together. Patterns will tie all of it up, and you will definitely never regret giving them a shot!

Comfort First: The primary purpose of a living room is to provide a common area for everyone in the family to kick back and relax together, so comfort is an element that you should prioritise. This means you must pick something comfortable and easy to clean, especially if you have kids. You can use suitable materials like textiles, denim, leather and more in mid-tone shades to avoid displaying any soil or wear and tear on the couch.

Add Art: The easiest way to make your living room look expensive and tasteful is to add some art. Pick a wall with space and add any art piece that speaks to you. You can also create multiple photo frames to personalise the space and turn your house into a home.

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