Use Rica Wax For An Amazing Waxing Experience

For a smooth and a nourishing hair removal experience, know the benefit of the salon product Rica wax online and choose the product as per your skin type for effective result. It will not just give you a painless experience but a smoothens the skin too.

The hair removal of the body with the help of waxing is the most popular process. While the regular usage of honey wax has many effects on the skin like rashes, red spots and itching, the popularity of Italian brand, Rica wax has been the safe solution for all the hair removal requirements. Based on skin type, one can find Rica wax online and get enormous benefits with this kind of wax product that is favourite among all salon products.

1. Benefits of Rica wax:

In all parlours, the salon equipment includes the hair removal process, and there are varied reasons why Rica wax is always on the top demand by the salon, and clients both.

• As its 98% natural and free from colophony, the stickiness of the wax is absent and so, is the elimination of skin allergies.

• As compared to regular wax, Rica wax doesn’t need much heating, and therefore, the risk of burning is negligible.

• A painless waxing experience

• Rica brand gives a complete package for a smooth hair removal process that includes pre-wax gel, jars and refills for waxing and after-wax lotion that suffice the removal salon products requirements.

• They provide a variety of wax as per the skin type- dry, normal, sensitive or very dry.

• Suitable for extra sensitive skin too.

2. Different variety of Rica Wax:

One should know which Rica wax will suit the particular skin type and having that knowledge is like taking care of your skin in the most appropriate way. From the salon equipment and processes available, waxing is a regular monthly need by females and knowing the right waxing to suit the skin eliminating rashes and red spots is very important to reduce allergies. Below is the guide to choose your type of Rica wax online:

• Rica White Chocolate Wax:

For all the people who are suffering from dry and sensitive skin, this type of Rica wax can help you nourish your skin with its delicate fragrance. It can smoothen the skin restoring the moisture after waxing.

• Rica Dark Chocolate Wax:

To get flawless skin with glowing texture, dark chocolate Rica wax work wonders. It removes hair leaving the skin moist and free from dead cell.

• Rica Aloe Vera Wax:

Available at online beauty stores like, Aloe Vera wax helps to smoothen and hydrate the skin. As it contains mineral salt, it moisturizes the skin deeply and suits sensitive skin.

• Rica Brazilian Wax:

Rich in avocado oil, it is used for sensitive skin to eliminate irritation and give a one-tone skin.

• Rica Argan Oil Wax:

With exceptional soothing and moisturizing skin, and absence of colophony makes it helpful for very sensitive skin. It hydrates the skin with deep penetration leaving the base calm post the process.

• Rica Golden Wax: If you have normal skin and looking for almost painless hair removal experience, Rica golden wax works well for all skin types leaving the skin flawless with the touch of glow.

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